Xiaomi shows smartphone without connections and with a waterfall display

The Chinese tech manufacturer Xiaomi has catapulted itself into third place behind Apple and Samsung in terms of global smartphone sales. Xiaomi is now causing a stir with a very special smartphone. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON took a closer look at the device.

The question itself arises as to what exactly users would like to do with a smartphone in addition to surfing, making calls, gaming and using cameras. The manufacturer Xiaomi is now giving laboratory insights into a device that is equipped, among other things, with a quad-curved waterfall display. Revolution or unnecessary frills?

Smartphones makers aren’t going to stop until they make a device with a 200 percent screen.

Curved display and no classic connections

Xiaomi shares one of its latest laboratory developments with the public: a smartphone completely without connections and haptic buttons, but with a curved waterfall display that wraps around the four edges. The manufacturer bent the glass from one piece at 800 degrees Celsius into the shape that spanned the edges. A curvature of 88 degrees is achieved. Xiaomi also does without any haptic input options, such as controls or buttons. Even charging and data exchange work without a wired interface.

Users operate the Xiaomi smartphone solely via pressure-sensitive touch surfaces and the established manual interaction with the electrical field of the display. You will also look in vain for a SIM card slot, because registration in the respective cell phone network is carried out via eSIM. In principle, data exchange works via radio, e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC. To charge the battery, Xiaomi relies on QI wireless charging. Basically, all you need is a small station, which then enables wireless energy transmission by means of electromagnetic induction.

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Xiaomi has registered a total of 46 patents

As part of this new development, Xiaomi has registered as many as 46 new patents. However, one cannot speak of a fundamental smartphone revolution, because a similar device was introduced two years ago with the Meizu Zero. Other manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei have already established borderless, curved displays. According to rumors, Apple’s new iPhone 13 could do without conventional interfaces.

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Now it remains to be seen in which price range the smartphone will be and whether it will appear in the usual portfolio at all. After all, it is still just a concept. With the usual Xiaomi quality and user-friendly price structure, the playful device could definitely find interested parties.

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