Xbox One with Fifa 21, Nintendo Switch and Co. – Gaming deals on Prime Day

Gamers watch out! For Prime Day 2020, Amazon is offering various offers from the gaming sector. Game consoles and games are now available at top prices. TECHNOLOGYBUTTON does the bargain check.

Note: In this article we use so-called affiliate links. That means: We get a small commission when users click on it and complete a purchase. However, this has no influence on the selection and assessment of the bargains by the editors. This also does not change the price for you as a possible customer.

The current offers at a glance

Xbox One S 1TB + FIFA 21 Champions Edition for 243.94 euros

Fifa 21 is the brand new version of the soccer game that appears every year with new functions. The game is now available as a download code together with the Xbox One at a particularly affordable price. The console is the white version with a 1 terabyte hard drive, 4K Blu-ray drive and a wireless controller. The XBox One alone in this configuration costs 229 euros from the cheapest provider. For just under 15 euros more, buyers at Amazon can get the game on Prime Day 2020. Otherwise, gaming fans would have to pay at least 40 euros for this. So it’s worth buying.

Nintendo Switch in a bundle from 334.99 euros,


The Nintendo Switch hasn’t been cheap in the past few months. The corona pandemic caused a run on the offers, the warehouses were soon empty. Now the console is back. Amazon offers them in combination with various games.

The dealer sells the 2019 updated model with a better battery in the version with neon blue and neon red Joy-Con. The Switch is especially popular because it offers so many different gaming options. It can be connected to the television, used as a tablet with its own controller or as a handheld console. It can also function as a board game thanks to the touchscreen.

Amazon is currently offering three gaming bundles from Nintendo. Together with one of the most popular games of 2020, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”, they are available for 334.99 euros. If you want to have the game “Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020” instead, you will also pay 334.99 euros for the console game set. The following set is slightly more expensive at 359.99 euros, but it also includes two Switch games: “51 Worldwide Games” and “Super Mario Party”.

A price comparison is not easy due to the bundles. However, the Nintendo Switch alone currently costs 309 euros from the cheapest provider, so that the game costs just under 25 euros – a really good offer.

Refurbished PlayStation 4 from 169 euros

The PS5 is coming soon, but that doesn’t make the PlayStation 4 any less popular. Amazon is offering the slim version for Prime Day in several versions, all of which are available for less than 200 euros. However, these are refurbished consoles. They come from returns or the like and can have small, optical defects. However, Amazon guarantees full technical functionality and also gives a guarantee on the PS4.

Unlike the PS4 Pro, the SLIM doesn’t support 4K graphics. The performance is also a bit weaker. In the version with 500 GB hard drive and a DualShock controller, Amazon is currently selling it for 169.99 euros. As new, the prices are around 250 euros.

The version with 1 terabyte hard drive has twice as much storage space. It is available from Amazon for 179.99 euros – the surcharge for the extra storage is therefore very low. A wireless controller and the usual accessories are also included here. The PS4 Slim with 1 TB costs from 289 euros.

Lioncast Joy-Con Quad Charger for 13.93 euros

Anyone who has a Nintendo Switch with several Joy-Cons knows the problem: The console can only charge two controllers at a time. Suitable charging stations, which are available from several providers, can help. One of them is Lioncast, which sells a compact quad charger. The small device made of black plastic charges up to four Joy-Cons at the same time and indicates their charging status via an LED. The device draws power via the micro SD cable, which is included in the scope of delivery. Overvoltage protection is also integrated.

The Lioncast Joy-Con Quad-Charger normally costs from 19.90 euros. For Prime Day 2020, Amazon is selling it for 13.93 euros. That makes a saving of at least 30 percent.

Logitech G512 gaming keyboard

Amazon also has a real gaming keyboard to match the mouse. For Prime Day 2020 there is the G512 from Logitech. The keyboard comes with mechanical GX Blue switches, which have a precise and clearly audible and noticeable pressure point. You can find out whether the Blue Switches are right for you in our gaming keyboard guide . The processing with high-quality aircraft aluminum is excellent. A multimedia control and a USB passthrough (additional USB port on the keyboard) are also on board. The RGB backlighting of the keys can be freely set and adapted as required. Even programmable lighting effects are possible. The keyboard layout is German.

At Amazon, the Logitech G512 costs 79 euros. Other retailers, however, sell them for 20 to 30 euros more, which is why the offer definitely has bargain potential.

Lioncast LX55 gaming headset for 41.97 euros

With the Lioncast LX55, Amazon is selling an analog gaming headset with closed and over-ear headphones for Prime Day 2020. The headphones are wired and equipped with optimized 53 mm high-performance neodymium drivers. Thanks to the memory shape and flexibly adjustable ear cups, it can be worn comfortably for a long time. The Lioncast LX55 also has an adjustable microphone for chatting with the game partners. If you like, you can swap the microphone and sound cables. The Lioncast LX55 can be used on all common game consoles and on the PC.

Amazon sells the gaming headset at a price of 41.97 euros. Saturn as the next cheapest provider would like to have 59.95 euros for them. This means that buyers at Amazon can save just under 18 euros or 30 percent.

PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch?

Would you like a new console but don’t know which one is best for you? TECHNOLOGYBUTTON reveals in detail which type of gamer should use which device . So the bargain guarantees plenty of fun.

Is it still worth buying a current console now?

With the PlayStation 5, the next generation of consoles is already in the starting blocks for Christmas 2020. Microsoft has announced its new Xbox for November. But that does not mean that you should no longer access the current models. Because it is precisely for this reason that the offers this year should undercut all those that have been there so far. In addition, gamers can fall back on the games portfolio from previous years. The same applies to Microsoft’s Xbox One. With the Nintendo Switch, things are even better. The compact console will not have a successor this year and will therefore be the first choice for fans of Mario & Co. for a long time to come.

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