Windows 10 is getting a new coat of paint

The majority of Windows users grew up with different versions of the world-famous operating system. However, there was criticism of the design in the current Windows version. Experienced users use tools to customize the interfaces. Now Microsoft has announced a major design update.

A simple start menu as in Windows XP and Windows 7 was followed later in Windows 8 by a tile-like arrangement of the shortcuts. Design is a matter of taste, but users criticized the playground-like appearance early on. For the current Windows 10, manufacturer Microsoft is working on an optical update under the project name “Sun Valley”, which gives central components such as the start menu and Explorer a new coat of paint.

Uniform Windows design

For example, switches with the same function are noticeable. While the on / off button has a distinctive border in system setting categories, switches are found on other levels with a thin border. In addition, Microsoft wants to focus on a congruent line in the future. As a result, design elements should grow together and look uniform.

First impressions are visible

With the already updated “Tips” app, the first design changes to the surface are visible under Windows 10. The redesigned icons and the settings menu of the desktop search function catch the eye. However, this is probably not the final version.

According to the current status, the optics update should be available in autumn 2021. It is currently not known whether it will only appear as a visual update or as an integrated complete update of Windows 10 in a new version number. It is relatively likely that Microsoft draws a lot of inspiration from the Windows 10X operating system. Also still in development, Windows 10X could also appear in 2021.

Optical Windows design changes in detail


The look of the Windows file manager leaves room for visual changes. This should enable the user to concentrate on the essentials at this point.


Popular properties such as a centered start button and transparency in the taskbar should in future be realizable without additional tools.

Start menu

The final design of the start menu can only be guessed at. However, rounded corners and transparency play a role.

Info center

The very concise appearance of the information center is to be structured in a more modular manner.

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