Will podcasts soon cost money on Spotify?

Podcasters should be able to offer paid content on Spotify in the future. What does this mean for subscribers?

Jan Böhmermann has one, as does Barbara Schöneberger, Mats Hummels and Palina Rojinski – we’re talking about podcasts. And it is not just German celebrities who are in the hand of the popular format: Demi Moore, Barack Obama, Matthew McConaughey, Kim Kardashian and Jemi Lee Curtis now also have their own podcasts. The word “podcast” is made up of “pod” for the portable audio player iPod and “broadcast”. This is a file that is sent to all participants in a network. Podcasts have been very popular not only since the corona pandemic. Right at the forefront is the streaming service Spotify, where podcasters can publish their content. So far, these were included in the popular Spotify subscription. This is about to change soon.

Extra costs for podcasts on Spotify

Just a few days ago, Apple presented a separate subscription model for its separate podcast platform. This should be linked to a completely new app version in which users * should pay for exclusive podcasts. Spotify is now following suit. This should primarily benefit the podcasters, because they will benefit from more favorable conditions and new sources of income away from advertising.

In the future, podcasters will be able to use the Anchor platform to mark individual episodes of their podcast, for which an extra fee will then be charged. This fee is probably included in a separate subscription for initially 2.99 to 7.99 US dollars per month. The subscription should primarily be about additional content for fans and individual episodes, not entire podcast series.

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Offer on Spotify free of charge for the time being

This development had already become apparent in the past few months. For example, last year the Swedish company carried out a survey in which various subscription packages for podcasts were voted on.

At the start of the program in the USA, the new program will initially contain twelve podcasts. But there is probably already a waiting list that podcasters can sign up for. In the next two years, all income generated in this way should go directly to the podcast creators. After that, five percent go to Spotify, which is still significantly less than, for example, Apple, where 30 percent has to be paid to the company.

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When will the function come to Germany?

The new model was launched in the USA for the first time on Tuesday, April 27, 2021. However, a worldwide rollout is to take place within the next few months. Spotify has not yet announced when exactly Germany will be affected. As a rule, however, the Federal Republic of Germany is one of the first regions for new functions, and that could be the same here. At the moment, a start already seems likely next month in May.

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