Why can’t I decline every call on the iPhone?

Why can I sometimes decline a call on my iPhone and sometimes not? TECHNOLOGY BUTTON clears up the Apple myth!

Two options for calls on iPhone

Already noticed? Sometimes it is possible with the iPhone to reject a call with a button – and sometimes not. If your smartphone rings and you see the following screen, you can initially only accept the call by swiping to the right or wait a long time for the caller to give up by himself.

Sometimes, however, you also have the choice of whether or not to push the caller away. Since the update to iOS 14, incoming calls are no longer displayed in full screen, but as a bar in the upper area of the iPhone. In this case, both a red and a green button appear.

Therefore, calls can only sometimes be rejected

But what is actually behind it? The answer is simple: If your iPhone is in standby mode while the call comes in, only the swipe slider appears on the lock screen to answer it. However, if the iPhone is unlocked, the button to reject it also appears. Behind this is a protective mechanism that prevents you from accidentally rejecting calls – for example by touching your pocket.

How to reject calls anyway

Reject annoying callers on the lock screen? This works out! Just press the power button and you’ll be left alone. If you press twice, the caller will be sent directly to the mailbox, if this has been set up.

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