Who you should never send money to on Amazon

Just click, pay – and a messenger will deliver goods to your home. Many consumers use retailer platforms such as Amazon for this. Fraudsters know that too. Here are some tips on how to get rid of them.

Anyone who buys on a retailer platform like Amazon should be puzzled when a seller in his profile asks customers to send him an email directly.

Payment should go through Amazon

This is a clear indication that the dealer is not serious, warns the Austrian platform ” Watchlist Internet “. Because independent retailers also offer their goods on Amazon. Nevertheless, the processing of a business – i.e. the order and the payment – is usually carried out entirely via the platform.

In the end there is no commodity

But fraudsters sometimes intervene and try to offer customers goods outside of the platform. According to “Watchlist Internet”, it often starts with the request to contact the seller for further details by email before ordering – and in the end it is a matter of transferring the money directly. Those who get involved in this are usually dealing with fake sellers.

Criminals keep hacking such marketplace accounts, writes “Watchlist Internet”. They offer goods there particularly cheaply, collect the money – but in the end do not deliver any goods.

The actual owner of the account often noticed the abuse too late – and the damage is often great for the actual retailer, but also for the cheated customers. So if you want to protect yourself, it is best not to leave the usual ways of processing sales.

How to expose scammers

If you are unsure, you will find information about the seller on the Amazon site – with the smartphone version under the “Buy now” button and on the desktop in the right column of the product page.

Further indications of fraud can be, for example, if the number of products is unrealistically high, the company name and goods do not match, or there are contradicting information in the product description.

The retailer knows the problem and informs customers on their side of how marketplace sales work so that they can safely order. Even Amazon advises to transfer money never directly Marketplace sellers – and who is asked by a seller to the customer should report the incident. The company also points out that marketplace sellers never receive payment data from customers, but Amazon always only forwards the payments.

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