Where can you stream popular radio plays?

The detective adventures of “TKKG” or the three question marks have accompanied generations of children. In times of audio streaming, however, many adults are rediscovering this passion – whether for themselves or the kids. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON reveals where you can find old and new episodes of popular radio plays.

Radio plays are stories recorded by different people. They can best be compared with films, just without a picture. For better orientation for listeners there is almost always a narrator who occasionally explains connections or describes places, for example. Compared to audio books, radio plays are much more lively and also shorter. But where are fans most likely to find what they are looking for and which radio plays are there to choose from?

Radio play player from Europe

When it comes to the name “Europe”, the hearts of many radio play fans should beat faster. Once known as “Europa Verlag”, the Sony Music subsidiary holds the rights to a number of popular radio plays. For example “The three ???”, “TKKG”, “Five friends”, “Peppa Pig”, “Maya the bee”, “Bob the builder” and “Our little sandman”. It is now offering Europe in a subscription via the so-called “Radio Play Player of Europe”. The streaming service currently includes 1,800 radio plays and costs 5.99 euros per month (30 days free trial). The subscription includes the usual additional functions such as freedom of advertising and downloads. Around 15 new titles are to be added every month.

The app, and thus the offer, is only available on smartphones (iOS and Android). There is no support for laptops, smart speakers or fire tablets. And playback on several devices at the same time, known from streaming services, is also not possible.

Conclusion on the offer from Europe

Anyone who really only needs radio plays and can do without music completely or uses it in some other way will enjoy the player from Europe. With all the euphoria, however, you should keep three things in mind:

  • Many radio plays are not exclusive. So it could be that your favorites are also with a provider that better suits your needs.
  • Around six euros a month is not a bargain. For just four euros more you can get a Spotify subscription
  • The technical implementation lags far behind. A lack of device support and only one stream are a real shame.


Not much more needs to be said about the music streaming service Spotify. In the meantime, he has had such a great influence on the music industry that the success and income of artists are largely based on Spotify calls. Behind the music, so to speak in the second row, you can also find podcasts, audio books and radio plays. There are around 1000 of the latter alone. Top-class players such as “TKKG”, “Die Drei ???”, “Benjamin Blümchen”, “Bibi Blocksberg” and many more will be there.

Conclusion on the Spotify offer

Spotify is also very well positioned in the area of ​​radio plays. Those who already have a subscription should get along well with the offer. Nevertheless, you quickly notice that the app was not made for it. Numerous playlists and fragmented individual episodes take getting used to. A paid subscription is required.


Audiobook specialist Audible is also well positioned in the radio play area. The selection is in the thousands and offers something for both adults and children. Older listeners can look forward to exclusive “Audible Originals”, for example, while the younger ones get a mix of better-known and less well-known radio plays. Both crime and detective stories are very popular. Classics such as “Bibi Blocksberg” and “Benjamin Blümchen” can also be found in a monthly subscription for 9.95 euros. “TKKG” and “The three ???” are not available from Audible.

Conclusion on the range of Audible

If you are looking for audio books in addition to radio plays, you will almost certainly be happy with Audible. In general, we would recommend the offer to adults. Audible offers a good mix of new radio plays and childhood classics. Amazon Prime members can test Audible free of charge for 60 days and get an overview.

Public law media libraries

ARD, ZDF and the third programs also offer radio plays in their media libraries. Although these can be heard for free, they differ significantly from the competition in one thing. You will look in vain for familiar formats from your own childhood. In the media libraries, on the other hand, you can find in-house productions such as “Tatort” or other crime thriller radio plays. These are often aimed directly at adults.

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Conclusion on the offer of the media libraries

Especially for adults who are not into classics from childhood, the media libraries are probably one of the best offers. The various broadcasters have a demanding program. “TKKG” and Co. are completely missed. In addition, there is no standardized media library (radio play storage) for all audio books. So theoretically, users have to search every single media library for radio plays. Fortunately, prominent productions are featured in several media libraries.

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