WhatsApp won’t change the terms and conditions in February!

There has been a lot of headwind for WhatsApp in the past few weeks. The planned change to the terms of use for February 8th caused displeasure among numerous users of the service. Now the messenger reacts.

Data protection is a sensitive issue. As a rule, users want to know which of their personal information is being processed and possibly passed on. On February 8, new terms of use should come into force on WhatsApp, which should enable the service to share more information with the parent company Facebook. The news sparked outrage among many users who immediately turned their backs on the messenger. Competitors like Signal and Telegram were able to register millions of new users worldwide.

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WhatsApp reacts to Shitstorm

WhatsApp made it clear that far less data is passed on to Facebook in the EU, as data protection guidelines prohibit this. Nevertheless, many users in this country did not want to accept the new conditions. In the US, the situation is even more serious. After Tesla boss Elon Musk suddenly asked to uninstall WhatsApp, the messenger lost numerous users.

The protests of the users and the increasing momentum regarding this topic have caused WhatsApp not to force the change on February 8th. However, the messenger service does not seem to want to tip the step completely. Because the new date is now May 15th. It remains to be seen whether this will appease users.

What data is it actually about?

Chat content remains end-to-end encrypted and does not count as data that is shared. According to the updated terms of use, this concerns technical information such as the device number of the smartphone, IP address, transaction data, interaction information and other service-related data.

According to the developer, the following points are in the foreground:

  • Security aspects and integrity to Facebook
  • Combating spam, threads, abuse, or violations
  • Connect WhatsApp experiences with other Facebook products

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What does Facebook need the data for?

The expanded data exchange aims to integrate WhatsApp even more closely into the Facebook environment. Facebook explains that the data is used to better understand processes and to ultimately improve the offer on both sides. However, experts are critical of the extended exchange of user data.

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