WhatsApp virus spreads to other apps

WhatsApp viruses come and go. A so-called worm is particularly stubborn. Now it is warned again and this time not only WhatsApp is affected.

Chain letters and spam messages keep getting messages with ominous links into circulation. They promise profits, lure with new WhatsApp functions or arouse the curiosity of the messenger users in other ways. Those who cannot resist the temptation or who click on the link inexperienced, are falling into the trap. Because in no time you accidentally install malware in the form of a WhatsApp virus on your smartphone. The security company Eset therefore warns Android users again about a very specific worm.

WhatsApp virus on other messengers too

The special thing about the virus is that it spreads on its own. If you send a WhatsApp message to an infected smartphone, the worm automatically responds with a notification of the winnings. This again contains a link and whoever taps it installs the virus on his own Android smartphone, as reported by “t-online.de” among others. In a recent Twitter posting, the security company Eset now shows that the worm has also infected other popular messengers.

The messengers Signal, Skype, Viber and Telegram are therefore affected.

How can you protect yourself from the worm?

Basically, the advice should be clear. Don’t open unknown links. Especially not if they promise you something. Also, never consciously forward chain letters. Be skeptical, even if the message comes from friends. But what to do when it’s too late?

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Once the worm has been installed on the Android smartphone, only manual deletion will usually help. The malicious program should appear among the installed applications. You can usually uninstall it as normal once you’ve found it. If you are not sure, just proceed chronologically and delete one more app than one too few. Then you should turn the device off and on again and check whether the WhatsApp virus is still there. Simply let us send you a message.

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