WhatsApp update changes image previews in chats

There are again changes in Messenger WhatsApp. The current update brings a change to pictures and videos. So don’t be surprised if something suddenly looks different in your chats!

WhatsApp is always testing new functions in its beta versions. One of these functions has now apparently made it to implementation. Messenger is currently delivering the 2.21.71 update for the iPhone and there are changes to the image and video previews. But that is not all. There is also a small update for WhatsApp groups. Unfortunately, not all users can benefit from the changes yet.

Image and video preview greatly improved

The biggest innovation of the WhatsApp update is that thumbnails and videos now have a different format. So far, these have almost always been displayed in a square or smaller.

The problem for many users was that portrait photos were cropped accordingly at the top and bottom. So if you didn’t open the picture, you might have missed some important information. For other users, the preview also gave the impression that it was already the complete image. They saw no need to open it at all. After the update, however, there are no more misunderstandings here. The same picture now looks like this in the preview:

In the new version of the messenger, portrait images and videos are now displayed in portrait format in the preview. This means that much more can be seen than before, but still not the complete picture. The problem that information on the picture may be missing is still not completely resolved. In addition, pictures now naturally take up more space in the chat history.

Mini change in WhatsApp groups

In addition to the new image preview , the update 2.21.71 for iOS also brings a change to the group settings. Now every group participant can define the settings for self-deleting messages by default. So far, this was only possible for the admin. However, he can still revoke the rights of the group participants via the settings.

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How can I install the WhatsApp update?

The update is already available for download in the Apple App Store. iOS users should already be able to download it without any problems. So far, the function is only available for beta testing on Android smartphones. When the WhatsApp update will also be implemented there, however, has not yet been determined.

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