WhatsApp chain letter warns of narcotics in masks

A message is currently making the rounds in the social networks, which allegedly warns people about nasty fraudsters. It’s about masks against corona, narcotics and robbery. The text also reached me via WhatsApp. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON reveals what it is all about.

Chain letters that are spreading extremely quickly via WhatsApp, Facebook and other networks have been around for a long time. The daring, frightening stories they tell are always astonishing. This time, a message is making the rounds that are particularly perfidious about the current Corona situation.

Chain letter warns of narcotics in masks

The current case warns that fraudsters would go door to door to distribute masks. These should be soaked with narcotics. If you put it on, you will fall over and be robbed. A wild story that sounds like this:

This message is currently being forwarded en masse, for example via WhatsApp 

What’s wrong with the claims?

The claims in the chain letter are fictitious. It’s not just common sense that tells you that. In the nationwide press portal, there are no corresponding entries under relevant keywords under the police reports. Such an absurd scam would definitely appear here. The alleged contribution in the MDR cannot be found either.

Who is behind the WhatsApp chain letter on narcotic masks?

You cannot understand who is behind the letter. But when and where he appeared for the first time. The story is not new. In April 2020, the letter was demonstrably already making the rounds. It is also not a purely German phenomenon. The chain letter was also in circulation abroad at the time and even originally came from English-speaking countries.

How should you behave when you get the chain letter?

It’s easy, just follow these two steps:

  1. Do not forward the chain letter yourself.
  2. Send the sender the link for this article so that they know.

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In general, the forwarding function of messages in messengers such as WhatsApp should only be used sparingly. Sure, funny pictures are part of it for many. Beware of such false reports or even messages with criminal content or symbols. Always remember that if you only pass things on, you can end up being held responsible.

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