WhatsApp Business is worth it for?

WhatsApp Business is a small business tool that allows easy interaction with customers. The app offers functions for creating a goods catalog, automatic replies and checking message statistics.

In January 2018 WhatsApp published an independent “business” version of the popular messenger. The app is primarily aimed at small businesses. With WhatsApp Business, customers can easily and directly contact the company. For companies, on the other hand, the app is a tool for organizing customer contacts and keeping track of sales and payments.

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WhatsApp Business is useful for whom?

The app is aimed at entrepreneurs who want to separate the company profile from the private WhatsApp profile. With a business profile you can be clearly identified as a company, with information such as location, description, opening times, e-mail and website. If the phone number is verified, the company also receives a green seal. This is reminiscent of the seal award for companies in the classic WhatsApp application, which was tested in September 2017.

Additional functions

Aside from setting up a company profile, WhatsApp Business offers a number of other functions that distinguish it from the standard version of the messenger.

1. Automated messages

Anyone who is responsible for a company cannot reply personally to every message at any time of the day. WhatsApp Business therefore offers various options for automatically responding to customer messages. For example, you can formulate automated welcome messages. WhatsApp Business sends this when a customer first contacts the company or writes again after 14 days of inactivity.

Stored quick answers make communication easier

The second option is automatic out-of-office messages, for which a schedule can even be created. That means: messages received outside of business hours are answered automatically, but the function is deactivated again during opening hours. The out-of-office messages can be adjusted, for example at a fixed time at which the company will respond personally again.

WhatsApp Business can automatically send messages when you missed

2. Quick responses

As a company, you don’t always have the time to formulate every message to customers. That is why WhatsApp Business offers the possibility to write ready-made quick answers that are called up with a keyword. To do this, a “slash”, ie a “/”, and the corresponding key word must be entered on the keyboard.

Quick answers can be reached via the slash symbol

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3. News statistics

The corporate version of the messenger offers a rudimentary overview of the news statistics. As a result, you can check how many messages have been sent, delivered, read and received.

WhatsApp Business offers an overview of simple message statistics,

4. Shopping cart

At the end of 2020, WhatsApp got a shopping cart function. This should make it even easier for traders and buyers to buy things via the app. The feature makes it easier to order multiple things through a WhatsApp shop and pay at once. This makes it easier for sellers to track and complete the orders. The shopping cart is simply integrated into WhatsApp Business. The only requirement for use is that a product catalog has been created that the buyer can search through. If this is the case, a shopping cart symbol appears on the shop’s WhatsApp profile.

5. Chat label

A practical function for classifying chats with customers is the ability to assign different colored labels. This makes it easy to check what is in a message history. WhatsApp Business already provides five labels, which can, however, be expanded as required.

WhatsApp Business brings quick replies, labels, and chat list filtering to desktop and the web

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There are no restrictions whatsoever with WhatsApp Business compared to the standard version. This means that the app is compatible with WhatsApp Web, contacts can be blocked or chats can be marked as spam. The messages are also protected with end-to-end encryption. Sending pictures, voice messages and files works as usual, and calls are also possible.

You can continue to use the WhatsApp standard version as usual. However, only if WhatsApp Business is linked to a separate telephone number. This means: A dual SIM smartphone is required for the parallel use of both apps .

The app is available for free download and can be used completely free of charge.

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