What you should definitely not do with WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger service worldwide. But there are sometimes strict terms of use. If you do not adhere to these, you can lose your account forever.

If a user does not behave according to the given WhatsApp rules, other users can report them using the “Report” function in every chat. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON explains briefly and concisely what users should pay attention to in order to avoid an account lock.

Calls to violence

Aggressive behavior such as threatening, harassing, intimidating and otherwise hateful content are absolute no-go’s with the messenger app. WhatsApp threatens to react severely to the “glorification of violence and crime”.

Malicious rumors, slander and fake news

As inadmissible as fake news, defamation and “the publication of untruths, misrepresentations or misleading statements” are also punished. So do not pass on such information unchecked.

Insults are not permitted

No content may be created that is “obscene, offensive, […] racially or ethnically offensive in any way, or incites or encourages behavior that would be illegal or otherwise inappropriate […].”

Sending chain letters is prohibited

Hardly any WhatsApp user should expect it: Copying and forwarding “inadmissible messages such as mass messages” or chain letters is illegal and strictly forbidden on WhatsApp. Anyone who ignores this is liable to prosecution. WhatsApp has introduced a forwarding block for this .

Against identity theft

Assuming someone else’s identity is not allowed on WhatsApp. Each user can create a name for his profile, which his contacts can see. The use of a real name is not mandatory.

Minimum age 16 on WhatsApp

EU citizens must be at least 16 years old to use the service. Some EU countries specify their own age. In countries outside the European Union, the minimum age is only 13 years. Germany, however, is one of the EU countries with a 16-year rule.

Send your own photos only

The “right to intellectual property or other property rights” is sensitive and must not be violated. Accordingly, you can only send photos that have been produced yourself.

Spread malware

On the other hand, it is relatively obvious that WhatsApp  immediately punishes and blocks the accounts of users who  bring viruses and malware into circulation . This could be the case as soon as you send messages and these attachments contain viruses. Even if you only forward these files (photos, videos, documents, etc.) and not create them yourself.

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