What does “other” mean in iPhone storage?

The allocation of the storage space on your own iPhone can actually be understood very well. But what does the meaningless category “other” mean? TECHNOLOGY BUTTON reveals it.

The question of “other” in iPhone storage is actually very crucial in many cases. Because internal iPhone storage space is expensive and cannot be expanded with cards. If you don’t have enough iCloud storage or are not a fan of cloud solutions, you will quickly reach your limit. Photos and messenger services in particular are real memory hogs. When looking for unnecessary applications or files, several gigabytes fall into the “Other” category.

View iPhone storage

At the latest when the iPhone can no longer take new photos or the system update does not work, the time has come: You have to free up iPhone memory. To do this, it is best to first check what the capacity is currently required for. There are three steps to this:

  1. Open ” Settings “
  2. Open ” General “
  3. Then on ” iPhone storage “

In this view you can clearly see how the storage space allocation is divided. At the top there are colorful bars that graphically show the load. It is best to wait half a minute. It can take that long for the iPhone to read the memory correctly. A distinction is made in clear categories such as apps, photos, system, media, mail and other. The five largest are shown.

The apps or files that require the most storage space are listed below.

“Other” means the following things

Looking at the categories, one really has to wonder what kind of files they don’t cover. You could certainly put the files under “Other” into one of the other categories without any problems. These are, for example, certain system files, logs and updates. All things that would actually be in very good hands with “System”. Those who stream a lot will fill their “other” category even faster. Because while downloaded content is booked under media, the caches of the streams appear under “Other”. There are also alternative Siri voices here, although they only take up a small part. In total, however, you can quickly fill up several hundred megabytes or even gigabytes with it.

Free the iPhone memory of “miscellaneous”

In order to save storage space for “Other”, you have to use some tricks. You can’t really access it directly. It can definitely help to delete the cache of the respective browser. For Safari this works via Settings -> Safari -> Clear history and website data .

If that doesn’t help, there is a more radical method. Update iPhone, create backup and reset device. Then really all caches should be emptied.

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