Valve bans the ripper game “Super Seducer 3” from Steam

Although the third series of the action dating game Super Seducer from the Spanish developer forge around Richard La Ruina found many interested parties on the Steam platform in advance, Valve is now kicking the title off the digital sales shelf.

Computer and console games are an established part of our youth and adult culture. Virtual worlds offer a lot of space to distract, especially in the current time. The self-control entertainment software (USK) is primarily responsible for approving individual titles. But marketing platforms such as Steam also have enough market power to prevent developers from publishing.

Valve bans “Super Seducer 3”

Game manufacturer Valve is kicking the Spanish live-action dating simulation “Super Seducer 3: The Final Seduction” off the digital shelf on its Steam marketing platform . The operators of the gaming store named the “sexually explicit images of real people” as the main reason. The virtual ripper game series around the Spanish developer and self-proclaimed dating guru La Ruina could already have entered the third round. However, the market power of Steam is so great that non-publication on the platform can mean the end for planned games.

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Over 60,000 users had the game on their wish lists

Users of the Steam platform have the option of creating a so-called wishlist. This can be understood as a potential pre-sale list, at least from the point of view of La Ruina, who classified his dating game as popular and successful thanks to the 61,700 interested parties. Those interested in missing the game on Steam can currently only watch walkthrough gameplay videos on Youtube.

Platform Steam speaks of final decision

“We have checked the last version submitted and we are unable to release“ Super Seducer 3 ”on Steam. […] After submitting the product several times and checking it several times, we see ourselves in a dead end, ”said a spokesman for Steam. According to a statement by La Ruina, the developer would even have been willing to put the not yet finished game “under the knife” and cut out explicit content from bare skin. However, Steam speaks of a final decision in this context.

Sony has acted in a similar way before. In 2018, the Japanese console manufacturer refused to release the first part of Super Seducer on the PlayStation 4.

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