Users complain about defective iPhone 11 displays – Apple reacts

It happens time and again that Apple products have defects that require repair. So now with the display of the iPhone 11. The company now offers a repair program.

iPhone 11 owners report problems with the touchscreen on Reddit and Apple’s discussion forum . The smartphone reacts slowly or not at all to screen inputs.

Some iPhone 11s have touchscreen defects

If you are also affected by this error, you might get a free repair from Apple. The company has started an “exchange program for the iPhone 11 display module in case of touch problems”. The description on the side states that the touchscreen “may no longer respond to touch due to a problem with the display module”. The problem only occurs with a small percentage of the iPhone 11 in circulation. Devices that were manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020 are specifically affected.

If you encounter the error described above, you can enter the serial number of your device on the support page for the exchange program . This allows you to check whether your iPhone 11 qualifies for a free repair. You can find the number in the iPhone settings under General > Info . Alternatively, the serial number is also shown on the SIM card slot.

Multiple ways to repair

Affected and have an iPhone 11 that qualifies for free repair? Then you have several options for eliminating the error. You can contact an Apple-authorized service provider, make an appointment at the Apple Store, or contact Apple Support to send the iPhone in for repair. The exchange program is valid for two years after the iPhone 11 was purchased. So if the problem occurs later, owners of an affected device are still entitled to free repairs. Also, those who paid for a touchscreen repair before the program started and have a qualifying device can contact Apple Support to get the money back.

Apple again points out on the support page that a device with a cracked screen may incur additional costs for replacing the display. Even if the repair of the touchscreen error is free of charge.

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