Update-off for Samsung smartphones from March

Samsung has now been offering software support for its Galaxy smartphones for three years. From March onwards, some models will be dropped from the update schedule. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON checks which devices this affects.

Every month, Google provides new security patches and bug fixes that fix problems with malware, viruses or system instability on Android smartphones. Samsung Galaxy smartphones will receive these updates for at least three years. But you only get the expensive models on a monthly basis. Most of the others only take a quarterly turn, or even less.

The following Samsung Galaxy devices will no longer receive updates

  • Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017), Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy A7 (2017)
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Pop +

These four models have been waiting for a new security patch for a long time. But Samsung will completely stop support for these smartphones from March.

As a result, these devices are more vulnerable to system instability, hacker attacks and malware in the future. 

Other devices are slipping back in the update plan

Samsung’s developers only supply the following smartphones every quarter:

  • Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) and Galaxy A02
  • Samsung Galaxy M12

This means that these devices only get a new security patch every three months. The Samsung Galaxy A8s is even slipping out of the quarterly update cycle. So it is practically on the sidelines and only gets a patch if there is a specific threat.

Not all Samsung Galaxys receive updates at the same time

Samsung has committed itself to three years of updates for its Galaxy smartphones. However, that does not mean that it treats all models equally. Only the expensive and up-to-date devices get the monthly security patches for Android:

  • Monthly security patches: For example S21 Ultra, Z Fold 2, Note 20, S10, S9
  • Quarterly security patches: For example S8, Note 8, A71
  • Security patches as required: For example A8 (2018), J7

Samsung updated this list regularly. People with a Galaxy smartphone can therefore find out about the status of their device on the relevant website .

Cash in on old Samsung smartphone

Samsung customers also have the option of using the “trade-in” offer. Here you can trade in the old model for a new model. Samsung offset the value of the old device in the shopping cart. You can find information about this process on the official Samsung website .

Alternatively, consider selling your old Samsung smartphone through a reseller or classifieds ads. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON has tested various options for you to find out where you can still get the most money . Depending on the condition, the sale can still be worthwhile in many cases.

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