Update for Nintendo Switch can paralyze the console

Nintendo rolled out an update for the Switch game console yesterday. However, some users quickly complained about problems. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON reveals what these are and what those affected can do.

Actually, the update to version 12.0.3 for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite should improve the stability of the system and the performance of the consoles. But the update brought more bugs than useful. Shortly after the update, users complained about problems with the Internet connection and errors in the operation of SD cards. Nintendo therefore withdrew the update yesterday afternoon. But what can those who have already installed it do?

Nintendo has apparently fixed the problem and released the update to version 12.0.3 again.

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Nintendo comments on faulty switch update

On Tuesday afternoon, Twitter user SimonTime noticed that the update was no longer available. Nintendo has never taken this step before. In the end, the update was only online for a few hours, but that was enough for numerous Switch owners to load it.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has commented on the faulty Switch update. In a Japanese Twitter post, the company writes that the distribution of the latest firmware has been suspended for the time being. The group cites the problems that many of those affected have already identified as the reason.

On the one hand, there should be problems with SD cards after the update. Newly inserted memory cards are apparently not recognized by the system and can therefore not be used. The Nintendo Switch asks for an update, but it is not available. So users run into nowhere. On the other hand, there are probably problems with the internet connection and downloads in the e-shop, according to the company.

Affected remains to be seen

Nintendo at least reacted quickly and withdrew the faulty update for the Switch from circulation. The download servers currently show the earlier version 12.0.2 as the current version. The company is probably already working on the fix. It is to be expected that the update to 12.0.3 will be available again soon. It would also be possible that Nintendo will release version 12.0.4 for the Switch right away.

Those affected who have already installed the faulty update can only wait until Nintendo releases an updated firmware. The company asks you to be patient in this regard.

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