Update for Fritz-Powerline from AVM brings a better user interface

The Berlin router manufacturer AVM regularly releases updates for its Fritz boxes and other Fritz devices. These include, for example, repeaters, powerline adapters, but also Fritz hairdryers. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON has the information about the latest updates.

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Once a year AVM publishes a comprehensive software update for its devices. The current versions have been available since July 6, 2020 with Fritz! OS 7.20 and the later small jumps to Fritz! OS 7.21, 7.22 and 7.23. These bring numerous innovations for the Fritz boxes, repeaters and powerline adapters. Gradually, AVM delivers the new firmware to its devices. In advance, the company prepares the so-called release candidates mostly in a laboratory for the Fritzbox update. New functions will also continue to be tested with minor updates from the Fritz laboratory. Here you can find out which devices AVM is currently offering an update for.


In the list we provide updates to the official FritzOS as well as the latest laboratory versions. Since AVM is only testing new functions in the Fritz Laboratory, the software can lead to minor problems during operation. Therefore, please note our comments that we give on the installation of a Fritz laboratory.

The latest Fritzbox updates at a glance

December 7th: Fritz-Powerline 546E and 1240E get an update

After the Fritz boxes and repeaters, two of the powerline adapters from AVM now also receive new software. The update to Fritz! OS 7.13 is available for the Fritz-Powerline 546E and 1240E. With it comes an easier login to the user interface as well as various minor improvements to the user interface.


  • Fixed  Incorrect display of the Fritz Powerline products connected to Fritz Powerline 546E or 1240E in the home network overview of the Fritzbox
  • Fixed  Fritz! Powerline products that are connected to FritzPowerline 546E via Powerline, only got the update status “cannot currently be determined …” displayed in the home network (only 546E)


  • Improvement  Logging on to the user interface with a Fritzbox user account simplified
  • Improved  support of the new registration procedure in the upcoming Fritz! OS for Fritzbox
  • Improvement  Various minor improvements to the user interface
  • Change  option to create and restore a backup file removed


  • Improvement  Compatibility with Sonos multi-room speaker systems improved

The update for the powerline adapter can be installed directly via the Fritzbox interface.

December 2nd: Fritz-Reapeater 1750E with new firmware

After AVM supplied three of its WLAN repeaters with new firmware a few days ago, it is now the turn of another model. The router manufacturer is currently distributing the Fritz! OS 7.21 for the 1750E repeater. According to AVM, the update primarily increases the stability, but also provides some bug fixes and new functions.

The following new functions and improvements are available for the 1750E repeater:

  • NEW : Support of encryption according to WPA3 standard (SAE) (1)
  • NEW : Support of the “WPA3 / WPA2 Transition Mode” when setting up via the user interface
  • NEW : Automatic setup of the “LAN bridge” operating mode for repeaters in factory settings (2)
  • Improvement : Improved stability
  • Improvement : If you first press the button on the Fritzbox and then the button on the repeater to integrate the repeater into the Mesh, the successful integration is indicated by briefly flashing the LED on the repeater
  • Fixed : With a repeater connected to the Fritzbox via LAN Sometimes an invalid IP address is assigned after a restart
  • Fixed : In rare situations the 5 GHz connection to the Fritzbox could be permanently lost
  • Fixed : When registering at a Telecom router Speedport Smart 3 by pressing a button (WPS), the repeater was possibly. Sometimes only connected via 2.4 GHz for a while

November 30th: Update for repeaters and Fritzboxes 

AVM is currently not only focusing on the official new software version for the Fritzbox 6660 Cable, the router manufacturer has also provided a firmware update for its WLAN repeaters and a new laboratory for other Fritzboxes.

Update for Fritzbox 6660 Cable

The Fritzbox 6660 Cable receives an update to Fritz! OS 7.23. All users with a free router can now download and install the new software. Those who have received the Fritzbox 6660 Cable from their cable provider, on the other hand, have to wait until they release the update. The firmware mainly brings bug fixes and improvements around Internet access. AVM lists the following innovations:


  • Improvement : Interoperability with certain network remote stations increased
  • Improvement : VPN / L2TP speed increased


  • Improvement : Registration at the push of a button (Connect / WPS) more reliable
  • Fixed : Incorrect display of the occupied WiFi channels in the user interface when deactivating WiFi coexistence
  • Fixed : Improved stability

Fritz repeaters get new Fritz! OS

The AVM WLAN repeaters are also currently being supplied with new firmware. Fritz! OS 7.13 is available for download for the WLAN repeater 310, 450E and 1160. It can be downloaded and installed via the Fritzbox interface.

Here, too, the focus is primarily on various adjustments to the system that are intended to ensure smoother operation.


  • Improvement : Logging into the user interface with a Fritzbox user account simplified
  • Improvement : Support of the new registration procedure in the upcoming Fritz! OS for Fritzbox
  • Improvement : Various minor improvements to the user interface
  • Change : Removed the option to create and restore a backup file

New Fritz laboratory for Fritzbox 7590 and 7490

There is also news on the laboratory front. AVM supplies the Fritzbox 7590 and 7490 with new beta software. The two DSL routers then jump to version 07.24-84159 or 07.24-84158.

With the Fritz Laboratory, AVM primarily delivers improvements in the area of ​​Internet and telephony. The manufacturer lists the following innovations:


  • Fixed : Public subnet does not work in parallel after failure of the primary connection
  • Fixed : After the factory setting , the first VPN connection could not be activated once


  • Improvement : After viewing all newly received fax documents in the fax journal, the flashing of the info LED stops
  • Fixed : Telekom SIP trunk account cannot be deactivated

November 25th: Fritzbox update for 7590 and 7490

AVM is currently delivering an update for two well-known DSL routers. A Fritz laboratory is available for both the Fritzbox 7590 (version: 07.24-84071) and the Fritzbox 7490 (version: 07.24-84070), which brings some innovations, especially in the areas of telephony and SmartHome. For example, AVM has introduced the option of initiating an internal phone call using a template and has improved the stability of app communication with smart home systems.

And the Fritzbox update delivers even more innovations and improvements:

Smart Home:

  • NEW : Trigger an internal phone call using a template
  • Improvement : Update process more robust in case of possible DNS problems


  • NEW : Change password visibility when assigning and entering (eye element)
  • Improvement : Detailed corrections in the function diagnosis in the area of ​​Mesh and USB
  • Change : Assignment of an e-mail address to a user will no longer be necessary (existing e-mail addresses will be retained with Upate)
  • Improvement : Update process more robust in case of possible DNS problems


  • Fixed : Device lock was ineffective in certain scenarios
  • Fixed : When operating the Fritzbox behind certain cable modems, there were brief interruptions in the Internet connection every 12 hours


  • Improvement : Up to 10 surrounding weather stations can be selected

Home network:

  • Improvement : Layout corrections in the device details for prioritization

The innovations in the current FritzOS 7.2x

With the Fritz! OS 7.2x, AVM is delivering over 100 new functions and optimizations for its Fritz devices. These should not only increase the performance of the Fritz boxes, but also improve WLAN connections from mobile devices, enable faster and more stable connections via VPN networks and ensure more security in the home network. Overall, AVM is introducing innovations in all core areas such as the Internet, telephony, smart home and home network.

The Fritzbox update is already available for these devices

Fritz boxes:

  • Fritz box 7590
  • Fritz box 7583
  • Fritzbox 7530
  • Fritzbox 7520
  • Fritz box 7490
  • Fritz box 7430
  • Fritzbox 6591 Cable
  • Fritzbox 6590 Cable
  • Fritzbox 6660 Cable
  • Fritzbox 6490 Cable

WLAN repeater:

  • Fritz! Repeater 3000
  • Fritz! Repeater 2400
  • Fritz! Repeater 1200
  • Fritz! Repeater 600
  • Fritz! Repeater 1750E

Powerline adapter:

  • Fritz! Powerline 1260E

Fritz-Labor: That has to be considered

If an update comes from the Fritz Laboratory, different conditions apply compared to the official updates. Because with the laboratory firmware, AVM is testing new functions that will later become part of the large, official firmware update at the end of August or beginning of September. It is therefore beta. The manufacturer also points out that problems can arise when operating the software.

Users can try out a Fritz laboratory if the current FritzOS is installed on their Fritzbox. Before installing the software, the data and settings on the router should be backed up to be on the safe side. Once this is done, users can download the laboratory firmware in the Fritz Laboratory from the AVM website and save it as a ZIP file on their computer. After unzipping the file, the following steps are necessary for installation:

  1. Call up the Fritzbox interface in the browser with http://fritz.box and enter the password for your Fritzbox if necessary
  2. At the bottom of the menu you will find the footer “View: Advanced”, which you have to activate
  3. You will now find the “FritzOS file” tab under “System / Update”
  4. In the input field, select the path to the previously downloaded and unzipped ZIP file and click on “Start update”

If laboratory firmware is already installed on the Fritzbox, a new update is offered automatically. Note that the update process can take a few minutes. Meanwhile, the router’s info lamp flashes. When the update is complete, the Fritzbox restarts automatically. Data and settings are not lost, so that the router is ready for use again as usual.

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