TV bargains from 169 euros for Amazon Prime Day 2020

Whether small or huge, Full HD or even 8K, LCD or OLED – there is an almost endless choice in the television sector. The prices for smart TVs are just as different. Amazon offers the chance for bargains on Prime Day 2020. But which TV offers are really worthwhile? TECHNOLOGYBUTTON does the check.

Note: In this article we use so-called affiliate links. That means: We get a small commission when users click on it and complete a purchase. However, this has no influence on the selection and assessment of the bargains by the editors. This also does not change the price for you as a possible customer.

The current offers at a glance

Samsung Q60T from 649 euros – up to 12 percent discount

If you want to buy a smart TV with Samsung QLED technology, you will find what you are looking for at Amazon today, for example with the Q60T model. The smart TV with a 65-inch screen is available for 849 euros, while the 55-inch version is cheaper and smaller for 649 euros. The TV is a 2020 model and offers modern equipment. 4K, triple tuner, Tizen OS, Bluetooth and three HDMI are available here, among other things. The Q60T also allows voice control via Google Assistant, supports AirPlay 2 and HDR10 +. The Stiftung Warentest praises the low power consumption as well as the image quality with fast movements (e.g. action and sport). 

If you opt for the Samsung Q60T model with a 65-inch panel, you will get the TV at Amazon for a good price. The next cheapest offer in other shops is 965 euros including shipping costs – 12 percent more. The 55-inch version costs 649 euros on Amazon, other retailers charge around 658 euros. The savings here are therefore significantly lower.

Philips PFS6805 from 169 euros – save up to 18 percent

The Philips TV PFS6805 is small and very cheap for a television. The smallest model in the series is a compact 23 inches and is therefore perfect as a two-device, as a TV in a caravan or similar. Philips and Amazon also offer the TV with 32 and 43 inch screens – each for less than 300 euros.

For this price, buyers receive the basic equipment of a smart TV. The look is also not so modern due to the wide edges. The Philips PFS6805 comes with a full HD LCD panel, a triple tuner, USB recording and HbbTV as well as a connection to Netflix and YouTube. Three HDMI inputs, a CI + slot, two USB ports as well as Ethernet and an optical output are available for connecting additional devices.

The 24-inch PFS6805 costs 169 euros at Amazon. Other providers charge at least 214 euros including shipping. The savings on Prime Day are a good 18 percent.

The middle model with 32 inches costs 219 euros. Here, too, Amazon is currently the cheapest provider. Other dealers charge prices from 247.10 euros. Buyers can save 11 percent on Amazon.

The 43-inch largest model in the series is currently available from Amazon for 239 euros. Compared to the 292 euros and more that other sellers call, so a noticeable discount. The savings are exactly 18 percent.

Sony KD-XG8096 from 519 euros – up to 13 percent discount

Sony televisions are known for their excellent picture quality with rich colors and contrasts, also because of the Triluminos technology used. The Sony KD-XG8096 is no exception. Although 4K and HDR10 are by no means uncommon these days, the television from the Japanese manufacturer can still stand out with razor-sharp images and true-color images – even from a wide variety of viewing angles. Thanks to 4K X-Reality Pro, every scene is analyzed, focused and optimized in real time. The smart TV is also ideally suited for gamers, as the picture quality is guaranteed smooth and flawless even when gaming.

In addition, the LCD television also has a plug-and-play connection and is compatible with Amazon’s voice service Alexa. The Android platform works very well and guarantees a large selection of compatible apps via the Google Play Store. Equipped with a quad tuner, the Sony television enables reception via various accesses. Internet connection via WLAN or Ethernet is also possible. In addition to four HDMI inputs, users will also find three USB ports, including USB recording, and a digital output. The Sony KD-XG8096 even offers a little more access than the average.

Amazon offers the TV in sizes 55, 65 and 75 inches. The 55-inch model costs 519 euros. Other retailers charge at least 599 euros for this size. This results in a discount of 13 percent at Amazon.

If you like it bigger, you can choose the model with a 65-inch or 75-inch screen diagonal. The prices here are 749 euros and 999 euros, respectively. At other dealers, both versions cost at least 100 euros more.

Philips Ambilight OLED804 from 1099 euros – up to 18 percent discount

The 804 is one of the best OLED TVs Philips has put on the market. In current tests, the device achieved an average grade of 1.5 (“very good”). Testers praise the sharp picture, the cinema mode and the good sound for a television. Philips relies on the so-called Ambilight for its TV sets. Some love it, others don’t like it. Ambilight is room lighting developed by Philips. It throws the colors of the TV picture onto the wall behind and to the side – which then glow green during a soccer game, for example. A nice effect that literally sucks you into the television picture.

The Philips Ambilight OLED804 also has a lot to offer technically. It supports 4K, HDR10 + and voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It also runs with Android TV as a system and thus offers numerous apps for installation. Dolby Vision, a triple tuner, four HDMI inputs, two USB ports and other connections are also part of the equipment of the Philips TV.

Amazon offers the Philips Ambilight OLED804 in two sizes. The popular 55-inch version costs 1099 euros and is 300 euros or a good 21 percent cheaper than the next cheapest offer from other retailers.

Amazon sells the model with a 65-inch screen for 1799 euros. Here the comparison prices start at 1999 euros – a saving of 200 euros or 10 percent.

LG NANO 867NA from 579 euros – up to 17 percent discount

LG has an LCD television that Amazon offers in various sizes. The NANO 867NA runs with the app-compatible WebOS, displays content in 4K and up to 100 Hz and has a triple tuner, thanks to which it can be operated on any TV connection. Testers praise the high sharpness of motion for an LCD panel, the stable colors even at a high viewing angle and the good gaming properties thanks to 100 Hz.

In terms of connections, the LG NANO 867NA has four HDMI inputs and three USB ports, but also an analog input, e.g. for older consoles. It also supports Bluetooth 5.0 LE and WLAN ac, Apple’s AirPlay 2 and USB playback. TV programs can be recorded, but only those that the user is watching. Because there is no second tuner.

The LG NANO 867NA with a 49-inch screen costs 579 euros on Amazon. In other shops, prices start at 699 euros – here the television costs around 17 percent more.

For the larger 55-inch model of the TV, Amazon charges 699 euros. Other dealers call prices of 798 euros and more euros. Here, too, savings can be made on Prime Day 2020 – a good 12 percent, to be precise.

If you like it bigger, you can choose the 65-inch version of the LG NANO 867NA. It costs 999 euros on Amazon. For comparison: Other dealers sell the television from 1099 euros. The savings on Prime Day 2020 for this model are therefore around 9 percent.

Tips for buying a television

Anyone who wants to buy a new television is usually faced with a few questions. How big should it be, what is the best surface to access Netflix and the like and does it have to be an OLED TV?

The optimal size for the smart TV

When choosing a new television, buyers often intuitively choose the larger models. There is a guideline for the perfect screen diagonal. A smart TV shouldn’t be too big, because then you may have problems viewing the picture. If there are about two meters between the sofa and the TV, you should opt for a small TV with a screen diagonal of up to 49 inches. If, on the other hand, the seat spacing is around three meters, you can confidently choose the popular size of 50 to 65 inches. In even larger rooms at a greater distance from the sofa, there is also space for the large smart TVs from 65 inches.


OLED televisions are often significantly more expensive than models with an LCD screen. This is due to the screen technology used. LCD TVs are usually built very flat and are therefore ideal for hanging on the wall. They are also considered to be quite durable. The disadvantage: the backlight is usually attached to the edge and is large. For this reason, individual pixels are also illuminated when they should actually remain dark. As a result, black likes to look a bit gray, the contrasts are less pronounced.

Not so with OLEDs . Here each pixel is illuminated individually. If it is switched off, it appears deeply sharp, which is how the high contrasts and rich colors come about. In the past, some users were afraid that the picture could burn in if they stood for a long time. Modern OLED TVs have been improved in such a way that this no longer happens.

The QLED technology from Samsung is a kind of intermediate. This is actually an LCD panel with extensive backlighting. However, Samsung uses a second layer with so-called quantum dots, which act as a light and color booster. This creates the high contrasts and rich colors that are reminiscent of OLEDs.

It should be 4K

Meanwhile, 4K / UHD televisions predominate on the market. They have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Their price has dropped significantly, so that it is hardly worthwhile to use a television with Full HD resolution. However, buyers do not have to resort to the slowly emerging 8K resolution. There is still far too little content for this and such high-definition televisions are simply too expensive.

A smart TV should also have all the necessary connections. Therefore, check carefully which devices you want to connect before buying.

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