Time lapse in Google Earth shows how places change over the years

How has a place changed? Is there still a forest next to the house or is it already a city? Google Earth adds a timelapse function to its views, with which you can get insights up to 37 years ago.

The digital world atlas Google Earth gets a time-lapse function. It can be used to visualize the changes in individual regions and places over the past decades. Many of the views are even available in 3D. The time lapse is a novelty of the big update that Google presented on Thursday for its world view Earth.

Time lapse from Google Earth goes back up to 37 years

With the timelapse function , users of Google Earth can, for example, see how glaciers are melting, cities are growing and the rainforest is receding. To implement this function, the company has brought together 24 million satellite images from almost four decades. The oldest goes back to 1984. For this purpose, Google collected material from NASA’s Landsat missions and the EU’s Copernicus program, which comprises 20 petabytes of images. The resulting mosaic video is the largest video from and on our planet with a total size of 4.4 terapixels. In the future, even more images will be added every year, as Google announced at the presentation.

The time-lapse function of Google Earth is not about zooming in, but about zooming out. One should get an impression of the state of the earth, said Google Earth boss Rebecca Moore. The Internet company put 800 time-lapse videos from interesting places on a new website . The films are divided into continents and topics such as urban development, water, agriculture, changes in forests, etc.

For example, if you want to see how Berlin has changed since 1984, you will find the right clip on the website. Users can also create their own videos and share them with others.

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