The speed camera detects whether you are on your smartphone while driving

If you drive a car and look at your smartphone, you are putting road traffic at risk. That is why AI speed cameras are supposed to expose such drivers.

Accidents on the roads are becoming more common because drivers look at their smartphones instead of the road. Accident researchers from Hanover and Dresden have found that out. By using the cell phone, drivers are sometimes so distracted that they can no longer concentrate on the traffic. How high the number of accidents caused by the cell phone actually is, however, is difficult to determine. The reason: Most of those who caused accidents are reluctant to admit that the cell phone has distracted them, according to a traffic accident researcher at the TU Dresden. To make such accidents a thing of the past, special speed cameras are to be used against drivers who use their smartphones at the wheel.

The camera learns with artificial intelligence

The Dutch police were the first country in the European Union to use a speed camera in road traffic that, with the help of artificial intelligence, can identify smartphone sinners. The pilot project with the smart cameras has been running for several months. “Artificial intelligence has taught the camera to recognize whether a driver is holding a mobile electronic device in his hand while driving,” said a police report.

This can be a cell phone, a tablet or a navigation system . In such a case, the smart camera takes a photo of the driver and his vehicle registration number. But it still doesn’t work entirely without people: Police officers then sift through the photos of the speed cameras and assess whether the camera has actually photographed an administrative offense. If the photo shows a driver with a mobile device, he will receive a notification from the authorities and a fine of 240 euros.

Too many deaths from distraction

“It is important to pay attention to the traffic. Distraction can be life-threatening. Too many people have still been killed or injured in traffic in general and by distraction in particular, ”says the project manager. It is therefore a top priority to remove distractions from traffic and identify them on a large scale. Only new innovative ways are able to achieve just that. Smart cameras are a good example of this.

There are no problems with data protection because photos on which no violations can be seen are deleted. Face recognition was dispensed with in the project. In a test in New York, cameras failed to recognize the faces of drivers . The technology is currently unable to reliably record such data.

Penalties for sinners 

100 euros and one point in Flensburg are due if a driver is caught with his mobile phone at the wheel, 150 euros, a month’s driving ban and two points with a hazard. In the event of property damage caused by this, drivers must expect a fine of 200 euros, a one-month driving ban and two points in Flensburg, according to the fine regulation. In the future, even more drivers could be asked to pay when using an AI speed camera.

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