The new series and films on Sky in February

TECHNOLOGY BUTTON reveals which Sky innovations await us in February.

The large Sky subscription and the Sky Ticket can be used both as an annual subscription and as a monthly package. The provider bundles the series via Sky Entertainment, while film fans can find suitable content at Sky Cinema. After the changeover in July 2020, the latter is no longer available as a single package. If you want to watch films on Sky, you have to book the “Sky Entertainment and Cinema” package. The pay TV and streaming provider is regularly expanding the packages. In February 2021, Sky will again have some innovations in the program. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON gives an overview of the new program.

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Sky Entertainment: New series in February

title Appears on genre Performers
Blue Bloods (Seasons 1-2) 02/01/2021 Crime thriller Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan
Private Eyes (Seasons 1-4) 02/03/2021 Dramedy Cindy Sampson, Jason Priestley
Narco Wars – Fighting Drugs (Season 1) 02/04/2021 documentary
Tin Star (Season 3) 02/04/2021 Crime thriller Tim Roth, Genevieve O’Reilly
Europe from Above (Season 2) 02/07/2021 documentary
The Outpost (Season 3) 02/11/2021 Drama / fantasy Jessica Green, Imogen Waterhouse
Train-Hopping Around the World (Season 1) 02/18/2021 documentary
Mission Mars 2020 (Season 1) 02/20/2021 documentary
The Loch Ness Monster: New Clues (Season 1) 02/21/2021 documentary
The Brown Terror (Season 1) 02/21/2021 documentary
For Life (Season 2) 02/24/2021 Crime thriller Nicholas Pinnock, Indira Varma
Snakes in the City (Season 7) 02/26/2021 documentary Simon Keys
Ice Airport Alaska (Season 1) 02/27/2021 Reality

In the series area, subscribers can look forward to high-quality documentaries on Sky in February. National Geographic’s “Narco Wars” is about the authorities’ fight against the drug cartels in Latin America in the 1970s. In what is now the seventh season of the popular documentary “Snakes in the City”, snake hunter Simon Keys goes hunting again. The highlights of this month are, on the one hand, the first two seasons of the crime series “Blue Bloods – Crime Scene New York” about a family full of lawyers and police officers. On the other hand, the third season of the series “Tin Star”. This is an in-house production by Sky Atlantic, in which Tim Roth shines as the chief of police with multiple personality disorders.

Sky Cinema: New Films in February

title Appears on genre Performers
Still Here (2020) 02/01/2021 drama Marurice McRae, Johnny Whitworth
The Deep (1977) 02/02/2021 adventure Robert Shaw, Jacqueline Bisset
Arizona Junior (1987) 02/04/2021 comedy Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter
Nightlife (2020) 02/05/2021 comedy Elyas M’Barek, Palina Rojinskis
Blackbird: A Family Story (2019) 02/06/2021 drama Kate Winslet, Susan Sarandon
The Mexican (2001) 02/07/2021 comedy Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts
Act of Revenge (2019) 02/08/2021 thriller Madison McLaughlin
Arctic (2019) 02/10/2021 drama Mads Mikkelsen
The Outpost – Survival Is Everything (2020) 02/12/2021 War Movie Orlando Bloom, Sharif Dorani
The Poison Rose – Dark Past (2019) 02/13/2021 Crime / thriller Morgan Freeman, John Travolta
The Song of Names (2019) 02/15/2021 drama Tim Roth, Clive Owen
The Killer Elite (1975) 02/16/2021 thriller James Caan, Robert Duvall
Scooby! Fully embellished (2020) 02/19/2021 animation Frank Welker, Amanda Seyfried
The Taken (2020) 02/20/2021 horror Mackenzie Davis, Finn Wolfhard
Tesla (2020) 02/22/2021 biography Ethan Hawke, Kyle MacLachlan
The serpent in the shadow of the eagle (1978) 02/25/2021 Action Jackie Chan
Fantasy Island – Director’s Cut (2020) 02/26/2021 Horror / thriller Lucy Hale, Maggie Q
Stage Mother (2020) 02/27/2021 comedy Jacki Weaver, Lucy Liu
Racing pig Rudi Rüssel (1995) 02/28/2021 comedy Ulrich Mühe, Iris Berben

Fans of German comedies will get their money’s worth with the Sky novelties in February. “Nightlife”, a film by Simon Verhoeven, is about the friendship between Milo (Elyas M’Barek) and Renzo (Frederick Lau). While bartender Milo slowly outgrows his unsteady nightlife and dreams of a family, chaotic Renzo gets into trouble when he loses three kilos of cocaine.

In “The Song of Names” completely different tones are struck: The film adaptation of the novel tells the story of two boys who have to cope with the consequences of World War II, growing up and, in David’s (Clive Owen) case, the loss of their families.

In the tragic comedy “Stage Mother”, the ultra-conservative Texan housewife Maybelline (Jackie Weaver) inherits a travestic club. In order to bring it back into shape, it has to change itself and rethink firmly anchored role models.

Those were the highlights in January

From January 18th

  • Your Honor

In the ten-part thriller series, Cranston plays the respected New Orleans judge Michael Desiato, whose teenage son Adam (Hunter Doohan) was involved in an accident and hit a hit. This incident forces Desiato to play a game of high stakes, lies, cheating and impossible choices.

From January 16

  • Semper Fi

Cal is a compliant police officer who makes ends meet as a Marine reservist with rowdy childhood friends. When Cal’s younger, reckless half-brother Oyster (Nat Wolff) accidentally kills a man in a bar fight and tries to escape, Cal is at odds between the family and his job.

From 19.01.

  • Moonbase 8, Season 1

The six-part workplace satire is about three third-rate astronauts who live in a NASA lunar base simulation station and who have high hopes of being selected for a trip to the moon.

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