The new Amazon Echo Show 10 has a display that follows users

Amazon presented its latest Echo speakers back in autumn 2020. The first to hit the market were the round Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Now – a few months apart – the Echo Show 10 follows. As a special feature, it offers a display that follows users.

There are now some smart speakers on the market that, thanks to an integrated display, also allow you to play videos and chat with each other via video telephony. Amazon itself offers corresponding devices with the show series. Now the series is being expanded. The Amazon Echo Show 10 can now be pre-ordered in the colors anthracite and white and goes on sale on April 14th. The price: 249.99 euros.

Echo Show 10 has a display that follows users

The smart speaker has a 10-inch display, the orientation of which automatically adapts to the position of the user. Using a combination of audio beam technology and artificial intelligence, the device recognizes where a person is and, thanks to the integrated motor, automatically turns towards them. This means that users can keep an eye on the display even when they are moving around the room. Amazon emphasizes that Alexa does not identify a specific person, but only a human figure. The motion function can also be deactivated.

Like the display, the two tweeters on the front and the integrated woofer are aligned to the respective position of the user in the room. So the sound should always be emitted in the optimal listening direction.

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New Echo with video telephony function

The Echo Show 10 allows video telephony between different echo shows, for which it accesses an integrated 13-megapixel camera with a field of view of 110 degrees, which can be closed with a slider if desired. Services such as Skype and later also Zoom are supported. Thanks to the camera, the device can also be used to monitor the home – for example to keep an eye on children or pets. The screen and display can also be moved by remote control on the smartphone in order to capture the entire room. In the new Guard Mode, which does not yet exist in this country, the Echo Show 10 reports to the owner when it detects unusual movements.

Streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are also integrated. Owners of the Echo Show 10 or another show model with a display can thus access the entire catalog of the providers and watch TV directly via the Echo.

The Echo Show 10 has an integrated loudspeaker, the Alexa connection and supports smart home control via Zigbee. It makes it possible to control devices integrated in the home network via Zigbee by voice.

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Who is the Echo Show 10 suitable for?

Unlike the Echo and Echo Dot, which were launched in 2020, the Echo Show 10 has a display and thus opens up other possibilities. Users can not only play videos via YouTube or Netflix, they can also make video calls and display texts. In the kitchen, the Echo Show 10 can be used, for example, as a cooking guide or digital recipe book. There is also a connection to the chef’s portal. In other rooms, the Echo Show 10 can be used for surveillance thanks to its motor and camera. Customers who value the video and display function should therefore choose this model.

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