The most successful Netflix series to date in 2021

Netflix is ​​actually quite closed when it comes to concrete numbers and information on usage behavior. However, the streaming provider has revealed the most successful series so far this year.

Despite increasing competitive pressure , Netflix is ​​still the undisputed number one in the streaming market. And the provider regularly underpins this with high-quality in-house productions. In the increasingly popular series segment in particular, nobody can fool the top dog, as successful productions such as “Stranger Things”, “The Crown” or “The Witcher” prove. In doing so, Netflix repeatedly only throws us individual chunks that provide information about how well or badly the big productions are actually going. After the provider had already given specific information about the most popular series of the year last year , it has just done the same for this one that has already started. So what’s the most successful series on Netflix 2021 so far?

Netflix’s most popular series in 2021 comes from France

With this headline, series fans should already smell a fuse. We are of course talking about the Netflix production “Lupine”. The French drama series thus joins the ranks of extremely successful series such as “Bridgerton” or “The Witcher”. According to Netflix, all of these productions cracked the 70 million view mark within the first four weeks . Since 2019, a view time of at least two minutes has counted as a view.

“Lupine” is currently no longer in the charts. According to the top 10 category, the new series “Shadow and Bone” based on the popular “Grisha” novel series has been enthroned there since the weekend. Whether the fantasy series can overtake “Lupine” on Netflix in the coming weeks remains questionable.

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This is what “Lupine” is about

The so far most successful Netflix series 2021 is about the master thief Assan Diop, who is based on the deeds of the legendary gentleman thief Arsène Lupine. It is not about personal enrichment for him. Above all, he wants to clarify the circumstances surrounding the death of his father, who came to France as a Senegalese immigrant with his son and was falsely accused of theft. Shortly afterwards he killed himself and Assan developed into a crafty criminal over the years.

In the lead role, Omar Sy (“Pretty Best Friends”) convinces as a likeable thief. And after the successful first season of “Lupine” on Netflix, which ends unsatisfactorily, it is clear that there will be a second season. Fans can look forward to a sequel as early as the summer of 2021. This should also include five episodes and immediately follow on from the first season.

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