The meaning behind the green and orange dot on the iPhone display

Since the update to iOS 14, a small dot sometimes appears on the iPhone screen that is either green or orange. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON explains what it is all about.

iOS 14 is preinstalled on the iPhone 12 and available as an update for all iPhones from the 6s. As is typical for Apple, the new version of the operating system offers numerous innovations relating to user security. Particularly noticeable is a point on the iPhone display that sometimes glows green and sometimes orange.

No more secret spying

In the past there was always controversy with apps that accessed microphones and cameras on the iPhone and then activated them without users noticing. To prevent this, Apple has taken a simple and effective measure with iOS 14.

If one of the iPhone cameras or a microphone is used, a small, circular indicator appears at the top right of the screen. In this way, users immediately notice when an app is accessing sensitive functions in an unauthorized manner and hidden. The dot appears green on the iPhone display when the camera is active and orange when a microphone is in use.

Apple is ahead of the competition

Apple is implementing on the iPhone what has been the norm for many laptops, including MacBooks, for years. A green dot also appears there, which signals to the user that the camera is currently switched on.

However, the iPhone is the first smartphone to do this. It has a considerable lead over the Android competition in terms of protecting user privacy. Because even on Android smartphones, apps often access the camera and microphone without asking.

Google has already severely restricted access to many apps in newer Android versions in order to catch up with iOS. It remains to be seen and hoped that the company itself, or at least the Android manufacturers, will follow suit and make invasive apps visible to users.


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