The free games and game content for Amazon Prime customers in January

Prime Gaming is bringing some additional content and games to subscribers in January. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON checks the offer.

Amazon Prime subscribers can look forward to one or the other discount . The Prime subscription includes, for example, the two streaming services Prime Video and Prime Music, with which the relevant content can be viewed or heard. The game service Amazon Prime Gaming has also been part of the offer since 2020. This replaces the Twitch Prime service that was previously available. There are many for Prime customers – but not all! – Prime gaming content for free. There are also monthly specials with games and game content. So this month too – TECHNOLOGY BUTTON is checking out Prime Gaming’s January offer.

The new games at Prime Gaming in January 2021

Prime customers can subscribe to a Twitch channel for free. They also have a few subscription-based PC games and digital in-game content available to them every month.

  • When Ski Lifts Go Wrong (Riddle)
  • Void Bastards (Shooter)
  • Along the Edge (Visual Novel)
  • Alt-Frequencies (Mystery)
  • Bridge Constructor Playground (Puzzle)

Incidentally, once games are linked to your Prime Gaming account, they remain in your account permanently – even if the Prime membership expires.

In-game loots at Prime Gaming in January 2021

In addition to the new games, additional game content, called in-game loots, is also available:

  • Legends of Runeterra – Epic Wildcard (until February 5th)
  • Star Wars: Squadrons – two new pilot helmets (until February 9th)
  • League of Legends – Skinsplitter (until 04/02)
  • RuneScape – five knowledge bombs (until 02/02)
  • GTA Online – Kosatka Submarine Sonar Station and up to GTA $ 1,000,000 (through 8/22)
  • Destiny2: Beyond Light – “Hartes Licht” Bundle (until January 27th)
  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Winter Bundle (until January 15th)
  • Valorant – ten radianite points (until January 19)
  • Was oft he Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Story Skip Ticket (x50) (until January 21st)
  • Black Desert Mobile – Abyss Crystal Chest (x30) (until January 20th)
  • Rogue Company – Outfit Kikuma Winter 20 (until January 28th)
  • Roblox – Icy Horns (until January 12th)
  • Magic Tiles 3 – a VIP pass (until January 8th)
  • Epic Seven – Leif (x20) (until January 14th)
  • Paladins – Xeno Buster Skin for Ash (until January 28th)
  • Smite – Skin for Ah Muzen Cab (until January 25th)
  • – golden potion, one skin, 24 hours triple mass boost (until January 11th)
  • Big Farm: Mobile Harvest – Premium Dog Biscuits (x50) (until January 11th)
  • Watch Dogs: Legion – Exclusive content (until February 18)
  • Read Dead Online – Reward for free map upgrade (until 08/22)
  • Risk: Global Dominaton – EmotePackage (until January 8th)
  • Rocket Arena – gold star amphora outfit (until January 21)
  • Madden NFL 21 Zero Chill Package (through 1/19)
  • Cube Surfer – seven days without advertising (until January 14th)
  • Spellbreak – Outfit Enigmatic Marauder (until January 27th)
  • Rainbow Six Siege – Operator-Set Thatcher (until January 11th)
  • World of Warships – Gift Trio (until January 21)
  • Immortals Fenyx Raising – Character Package (until February 3rd)
  • – 14 days without advertising (until January 11th)
  • Assassins’s Creed Valhalla – Equipment Package (until January 13th)
  • Hyper Scape – Article Package (until February 28th)

The optical equipment package for the recently released “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla”, the two helmets for “Star Wars: Squadrons” and the sonar station plus a lot of money for “GTA Online” deserve special mention. The offers run for different periods of time: some are only available for a few days, others for significantly longer. The vast majority expire at the end of January.

How to take advantage of the offer

In order to be able to use the game content of the January promotion on Prime Gaming, players must of course have an activated Prime account. If you are a Prime subscriber but have never used Prime Gaming , you must also log in there once with your Prime data and click on the “Activate Prime Gaming” button in the top right corner. In order to then integrate the content of the offer into the corresponding game, you must connect the game account used (e.g. Steam) to the Twitch or Prime Gaming account. Then proceed as follows:

  1. On the page, click the crown icon in the top right corner to go to the Prime Gaming page
  2. Then click on the content that you want to activate
  3. The loot is then automatically added to the game


The offer is primarily aimed at collectors who value having complete sets, additional potions, etc. in online games. The five new games that are coming to Prime Gaming do not feature a particularly noteworthy title, although the variance is positive and, for example, the visual novel “Along the Edge” looks really nice. What is striking about Prime Gaming’s January offer, however, is the general scope. At the beginning of the year, Amazon put together a very extensive range of products.

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