The best audio deals for Prime Day 2020

From Sennheiser to Bose – the audio area has a lot to offer for Prime Day 2020. TECHNOLOGYBUTTON has taken a close look at the headphone and speaker bargains from Amazon and reveals the best deals.

Note: In this article we use so-called affiliate links. That means: We get a small commission when users click on it and complete a purchase. However, this has no influence on the selection and assessment of the bargains by the editors. This also does not change the price for you as a possible customer.

Current offer at a glance

Bose SoundSport Free for 114.99 euros (-23%)

In the TECHNOLOGYBUTTON test of the Bose SoundSport Free we come to the following result: When it comes to sound, the earbuds are significantly better than inexpensive no-name products. Here you are dealing with a top product that is at the forefront in this segment. The isolation from outside noise is not better or worse than with cheaper products. However, the SoundSport Free scores with very comfortable and safe wearing comfort. The battery life is also well above average. The earbuds last 5 hours on one charge, and another 10 hours are in the charging case. The buds can be charged twice, for a total of 15 hours.

For Prime Day there is the Bose SoundSport Free in blue, black and orange for 114.99 euros instead of the usual 150 euros.

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 for 59.99 euros 41.99 euros (-30%)

The Soundcore Life Q20 are headphones with active noise canceling (ANC) that we have already tested in our large comparison of the cheap headphones with ANC . We especially liked the good equipment and the effective ANC. The Q20s have Bluetooth 5.0 and are delivered with a plastic bag. The seat is also excellent in this price range – not so tight that it pinches, but also enough to seal completely. Unfortunately, the plastic case creaks a little when you move it. The sound is full and bassy, ​​although not as detailed as on more expensive models. Anker promises a battery life of up to 30 hours, an outstanding value. Disadvantages are the use of a micro USB socket for charging and the lack of a smartphone app.

The Anker headphones with ANC are now available for an affordable 41.99 euros. Usually they cost 59.99 euros.

Jabra Elite 75T for 129.99 euros (-23%)

The Elite 75T earbuds are the ideal companion on a longer trip. They are characterized by long battery life, weather resistance and soon also active noise canceling (ANC). Individually, the earphones last for almost 5.5 hours, and the charging case holds another 28 hours. In the case, the earbuds charge for another hour of music playback within 15 minutes. The case itself is charged via USB-C or wirelessly. The Elite 75T are dust and splash-proof according to IP55, which means that they can withstand sweat and rain without any problems. Jabra has already announced that the Elite 75T will receive a firmware update on October 19th that will unlock the ANC. But already now numerous settings such as the transparency mode (HearThrough) can be adjusted via the Jabra Sound + app.

The classic version of the Elite 75T in gold, black and titanium is on offer for Prime Day for 129.99 euros. Usually the earbuds cost around 160-170 euros.

Huawei Sound X for 249 euros (-26%)

The Sound X, or Studio X, is a compact, room-filling Bluetooth speaker that can deliver surprisingly deep bass. This is made possible by the Devialet-certified, 60 watt 3.5-inch dual subwoofers, which can go down to 40 Hertz. Six 30 watt 1.5-inch tweeters, arranged in a circle, are responsible for filling the room, emitting sound in a 360-degree radius. Thanks to the strong hardware, the sound remains clear even at high volumes, and the bass does not overdrive. The connection with the smartphone is via Bluetooth. The box also supports Huawei Share via WiFi and Bluetooth. Owners of Huawei and Honor smartphones can play media on the Sound X even more easily. The playback can also be controlled via touch buttons on the top.

For Prime Day there is the powerful loudspeaker and a 5-euro Amazon voucher on top of that for 249 euros. Other retailers who have the Bluetooth box in larger quantities in stock, the price is around 335 euros.

Anker Soundcore 2 for 27.99 euros (-26%)

The Anker Soundcore 2 is a small, powerful Bluetooth box for on the go. With its two drivers and two passive radiators, it achieves an output power of up to 12 watts. The bass output can be increased a little with a dedicated BassUp button. The Soundcore Boost is waterproof according to the IPX7 standard and can therefore also be submerged under water. Two Soundcore 2s can be combined to form a stereo speaker setup. The box is via micro-USB and, according to the manufacturer, lasts for up to 24 hours thanks to the large battery (5200 mAh). Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 standard, the connection with the smartphone is very stable.

Amazon offers the compact Bluetooth box for 27.99 euros. The normal price is around 38 euros.

Headphones – between comfort and sound quality

A wide variety of headphone shapes can be found on the market. There are classic over-ears with brackets, the ear pieces of which nestle around the ears and shield the listener well from outside noise. This type of headphone is widely used in professional audio. An alternative to this are the on-ears, which are also a variant of the headband headphones. Here the earpiece rests on the ear, but does not cover it completely. This allows ambient noise to penetrate better to the listener – it is not completely sealed off. There are also different versions of the in-ears: with and without bracket for the ears, wired or completely wireless (Bluetooth or True Wireless), with and without silicone plugs. So if buyers are looking for new headphones,

Noise canceling for quiet music enjoyment

Active Noice Canceling, or ANC for short, is currently very popular. Noice canceling is particularly good at filtering out continuous, relatively constant background noises such as the hum of an engine or engine. This is because counter-noise is generated to reduce interference, which audibly minimizes the source of interference. But conversations around the music listener can also be reduced in this way. Especially when traveling by bus, train and plane, but also in the office, many users therefore value good noise canceling. Headphones with ANC are available in all product classes, regardless of whether they are over-, on- or in-ear. Models with ANC are usually more expensive than those without.

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Bluetooth boxes for sound in rooms

If you want to enjoy the music not just alone but in a group, you can choose between numerous (portable) speakers. They are available in waterproof form for the beach, small and compact to take with you, or wired with plenty of bass. In addition, the speakers are becoming more and more intelligent and often have voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri or Google’s Assistant on board. So it is possible to play music by voice command. The smaller such a loudspeaker or a Bluetooth box, the smaller the sound body and the less well leveled the sound is. Devices with a reasonable bass are therefore usually larger, but also less mobile. Again, it is important to find out what you expect from a (portable) speaker: Should he be mobile? More waterproof? Or do you prefer the sound system at home with a lot of oomph?


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