The best alternatives to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers on smartphones. Many users may also be familiar with similar applications such as Facebook Messenger. But there are other apps that can be used to send messages. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON presents the best alternatives to WhatsApp.

According to Statista, WhatsApp now has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. This makes the service belonging to Facebook the best known and most widely used messenger – closely followed by Facebook Messenger with around 1.3 billion users. But the proximity to Facebook and the resulting uncertainty as to how personal data is processed makes many smartphone users shy away from WhatsApp. WhatsApp chat transmissions are end-to-end encrypted, but the service still collects data , and not a little.

But there are alternatives that advertise data security and privacy. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON shows the most interesting and most secure messengers that can definitely keep up with WhatsApp.


Threema is one of the best-known WhatsApp alternatives and is regularly at the top of the download charts in app stores. The messenger is equally interesting for private users as for companies. Not without good reason, because the app, which is based in Switzerland, offers end-to-end encryption by default , requires neither a telephone number nor an email address when registering and can therefore be used completely anonymously. Since user data is only managed on the respective devices, not on servers, and messages are deleted immediately after they have been sent, the service prevents the collection of private data. Threema also offers a few ideas of its own that set the messenger apart from the competition.

For example, you can start surveys in group chats and thus easily decide where to go for dinner, for example, or which film to watch in the cinema. However, Threema is the only one of the WhatsApp alternatives discussed here that costs money: As a rule, the app costs EUR 2.99 for Android, iOS users currently even pay EUR 3.49. A web version is also available.

Threema does this better than WhatsApp:  A range of functions like WhatsApp with Swiss data protection – Threema cannot hold a candle to WhatsApp just when it comes to active users.

Download:  iPhone / Android


Signal boasts of particularly good data security , but also offers little more. Both the text chats and the phone calls with the app are end-to-end encrypted and the entire app is open source. Means: The code is open and can be checked for security by anyone . At the same time, the use of the app is completely free of charge.

Signal has a simple structure, but still offers some functions that are also available on WhatsApp. In this way, not only can encrypted messages be sent, but documents, pictures and videos can also be sent. If desired, the messages disappear after a certain, freely selectable time, which ensures more data security. Signal also enables group chats, phone calls and video chats, which are also end-to-end encrypted.

One disadvantage of the app: To register with Signal, users have to enter their phone number.

Signal does this better than WhatsApp:  A messenger that even Edward Snowden uses – more data protection is hardly possible.

Download:  iPhone / Android


Like Signal, Telegram is an open source messenger and pays great attention to data protection and user security. In addition, the app also provides features such as stickers , which Apple has also introduced in iMessage. Bots, little helpers that are developed by the community and can add useful functions to the app , for example setting a reminder or taking surveys in group chats. Even games can be played within the app.

That makes Telegram better than WhatsApp: The bots add useful functions to the app as required.

Download:  iPhone / Android


More than a billion users are said to be using Viber worldwide. The app was originally created for making calls via the Internet , but is now in no way inferior to other messengers. Users can also find all the common functions of WhatsApp on Viber , such as sending messages, pictures, documents and videos. Audio and video calls are also possible, as well as large group chats called communities.

With the own safety Viber advertises :  “With an end-to-end encryption are always between you and the person with whom you speak, remain all the data you share. That means you don’t have to think twice about what you can and can’t share on Viber. ” 

That makes Viber better than WhatsApp: users have the option of using self-destructive chats . Selected messages are automatically deleted after reading them. The communities allow chats with an unlimited number of members . All of this makes Viber a nicer messenger experience.

Download:  iPhone / Android

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