The 5 craziest phones in the world

Smartphones almost all look the same these days. However, some bizarre cell phones have caused a lot more buzz in the past. These 5 examples show that unusual does not automatically mean better.

In recent years there have often been cell phones that have drawn attention to themselves with their bizarre nature or construction. However, some models stuck in our minds in particular. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON is showing five particularly crazy cell phone models.

Nokia 7600

When the Nokia 7600 was launched, it was the smallest cell phone in the world at the time, weighing just 123 grams and 8.7 x 7.8 x 1.86 centimeters. The display is in the middle, with the buttons around it – accordingly, it has to be operated with two hands. In general, the look of the crazy cell phone is more like a toy from the 90s: the Tamagotchi . The Nokia 7600 had much more to offer internally, even had a camera that could take photos and videos. Despite the advanced features, it was not successful.


The NoPhone simply cannot do anything – and that is not a disgruntled rating, but a fact! The crazy non-mobile phone can be bought online for twelve euros and this price is not even cheap when measured against what the user gets. In return, you get a black piece of plastic that just looks like a smartphone. What is this all about? The NoPhone is for everyone who renounces the cell phone and just wants to have some peace and quiet.

“No camera, no music, no display, no telephone” is the NoPhone’s advertising slogan on the website. There, the manufacturer also lists all the things that users cannot do with it, such as writing messages to ex-boyfriends or locating the location. Allegedly, 15,000 people have already opted for the crazy “cell phone”.

In the selfie edition of the NoPhone there is even a mirror on the device. The non-cell phone would have at least one function. Even more absurd: if you order the Air Edition of the NoPhone, you will only receive one package.

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3. Freedom 251

The Freedom 251 can do a lot more and at a lower price. Customers felt the promised freedom above all with the price, which was unbeatable at the equivalent of three euros (251 rupees) . And unlike the NoPhone, the Freedom mobile phone can actually do everything a smartphone should be able to do: make calls, surf the net or take photos. The display measures 4 inches, the crazy cheap mobile phone can have two cameras with 3 and 0.3 megapixels, plus 8 gigabytes of memory.

But how is it possible to sell a smartphone at this price? The Indian start-up Ringring Bells produced and sold the cell phones. Every Indian could only buy this cell phone for 251 rupees because it was subsidized by the state.

4. Siemens Xelibri 6

It looks like a powder compact, but it’s a cell phone. The design of the Siemens Xelibri 6 can certainly do with the predicate “a matter of taste”. The crazy jar cell phone couldn’t really convince consumers either – it turned out to be a flop!

Ever wanted a phone that doubles as a make-up compact? Siemens did with the Xelibri 6!

5. Sirin Labs Solarin

This crazy cell phone is only for true lovers who also have the necessary change. Because the Solarin from Sirin Labs costs a proud $ 14,000. What makes it so expensive? The Solarin is a real keeper of secrets and is supposed to keep data more secure than almost any other cell phone. For a while it was the most expensive smartphone in the world, but a few months later it was history. Despite the desire for more privacy, not enough people seem to have been willing to pay that much money for a cell phone.

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