The 10 Most Popular Game Boy Games Of All Time

The Game Boy is now 32 years old. It is probably the most famous handheld in the world – not least because of its fun. A good reason to take a look at the most successful mobile game console games.

A chunky rectangular superstructure and a screen that can only display shades between yellow and green: what sounds like a nightmare for the younger generation of gamers was a high-tech console in the 1990s. Nintendo’s Game Boy has shaped an entire generation. But even today, the ten best-selling and therefore most successful Game Boy games in the pixelated 8-bit look are still worth a look.

The fourth game in the Zelda series was also the first for Nintendo’s Game Boy. In the action adventure, you have to solve puzzles with the protagonist Link and defeat enemies. In this part, however, he is not looking for the eponymous Princess Zelda, but has to bring a sleeping fish to life.

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9th place: Donkey Kong Land – 3.91 million copies sold

Donkey Kong Land is the successor to the successful Super Nintendo game Donkey Kong Country. The graphic style was retained. While mostly old NES games were ported to the Game Boy, the resourceful developers at Studio Rare once again showed what they could do with a Super Nintendo port.

8th place: Kirby’s Dream Land – 5.13 million copies sold

Kirby is one of Nintendo’s best-known mascots and already impressed players with his skills 25 years ago. He soaks up opponents and can thus take over skills from them. This mechanism provided plenty of variety and great surprise moments.

7th place: Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 – 5.19 million copies sold

As with similar representatives of the “Jump ‘n’ Run” genre, the player here hopped through the world and defeated his opponents by jumping on them. The title hero this time wasn’t Mario, the likeable plumber in the red cap, but his arch-rival Wario.

6th place: Dr. Mario – 5.34 million copies sold

When Mario slipped into his doctor’s coat, a fight against viruses awaited the player with the help of various colorful pills and medicines. In this puzzle game – similar to the classic Tetris – the player had to turn rectangular blocks and thus make them disappear.

5th place: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins – 11.18 million copies sold

In search of the six golden coins, Mario ran, jumped and shot his way through six different worlds, which the player could play in different order. Mario freed trees from bees, fought witches and even landed on the moon.

4th place: Pokémon Yellow Edition – 14.64 million copies sold

According to the name, the player could go on a journey of discovery with the famous yellow pocket monster Pikachu. The game was very similar to its previous versions Red and Blue, but was more based on the television series.

3rd place: Super Mario Land – 18.14 million copies sold

The first Super Mario game on the Game Boy was one of the flagships of the small console. There were four worlds to explore with unusual enemies, such as seahorses and spaceships. Controls and level design were perfectly matched to the handheld and there were even secrets to discover. This game belongs in every Game Boy collection.

2nd place: Pokémon Red, Green and Blue – 31.38 million copies sold

The first Pokémon games, and thus the classics, were a bestseller. They brought a completely new gameplay to market in the mid-90s, which combined the concepts of collecting and swapping. In Germany, red and blue appeared in parallel. It was essentially the same game, but with minor changes. In Japan the Blue Edition was sold under the name Green Edition.

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1st place: Tetris – 35 million copies sold

The puzzle game Tetris occupies the top place. No other Game Boy game was as exciting as stacking and arranging blocks until they vanished into thin air. In combination with the memorable game melody, this meant that many players sat in front of the screen for hours to finally crack the high score. In defense of the other games, however, it must be said that Tetris was initially included with every Game Boy.

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