The 10 Most Popular Alexa Skills

For the smart loudspeaker from Amazon, the “Echo”, and the “Alexa” voice control, there are a number of fundamentally different functions, called skills. Which are particularly popular internationally?

The Amazon Echo is one of the most popular voice assistants in the world. Since 2015, many households have been saying “Alexa, …” to activate the intelligent voice assistance. From the factory, the device can then play music, manage the calendar or explain terms. For many other functions, however, a so-called skill is required, an additional function similar to an app on a smartphone. These are usually created by third-party providers and technically implemented in the intelligent loudspeaker. In this way, the Echo can control smart home devices, for example, or play a Spotify playlist if desired. But which skills are popular around the world?

Skills for Amazon’s Alexa

The skill agency Beyto regularly publishes rankings for the thousands of skills that are now available all over the world. If you look at the current top 10, one thing is particularly noticeable: These are more entertaining than practical skills.

This is remarkable in that Alexa and the skills are actually designed to intervene to help in everyday life. The Amazon Echo is apparently also used by many users for one or the other funny game. In addition, some apps even appear several times in the list if they are popular in several countries. The first places, however, are thematically dominated by a single thing …

Rank 10: Pikachu Talk (USA)

Pikachu is probably the best-known little pocket monster from the popular Pokémon series. The little yellow electric Pokémon has a very strong character and, since 2017, has also had its own Alexa skill, Pikachu Talk. Although Pikachu doesn’t speak too many words, trainer Ash understands every “Pika Pika” of his friend. Everyone can try their hand at it with the skill.

9th Place: Jurassic Bark

With the “Jurassic Bark” skill, Alexa should be able to bark particularly authentically. For all dog lovers and people who would like to have a dog, but for various reasons do not have one. And for all dog lovers and people with dogs who want to annoy their beloved four-legged friend a little.

8th place: Jeopardy! (Great Britain)

“Jeopardy!” Is the Alexa skill for the quiz show of the same name. Users can test their knowledge and answer questions from hundreds of episodes of the show.

Rank 7: Pikachu Talk (Japan)

With Japan being the motherland of the Pokémon franchise, it’s little surprise that the Pikachu talk skill is even more popular there. The Japanese version has a whopping 14,000 more reviews than the American!

6th place: Jurassic Bark (USA)

In addition to Pikachu, dogs seem to have done it to mankind as well. The American version of Jurassic Bark ranks 6th among the most popular Alexa skills.

5th place: Big Fart (USA)

Already in the description on Amazon it is stated that this is a skill purely for entertainment purposes. There is also talk of the ultimate fart machine! Definitely an entertaining skill and if you like toilet humor, you will have a lot of fun with it.

4th place: Christmas countdown

For all Christmas lovers: The “Christmas Countdown”. With the keyword “Santa Countdown” Alexa tells you how many days it will be until Christmas again. Should be used late in the year if possible, otherwise it could lead to long faces …

3rd place: Pups Generator

Friends of German farting don’t have to be sad for Alexa because of all the English skills. With the “Pups Generator” there is a German equivalent. The description says in a nutshell: “This skill makes pups. Have fun with it”. Many Thanks.

2nd place: 4AFart

See places 3 to 5. The description, which indicates that with the Alexa skill, the fart tone can be enjoyed without any stink, is particularly charming.

1st place: Big Fart (Great Britain)

The most popular Alexa skill is (surprise) also a fart sound producing skill. “Big Fart” from Great Britain can make a wide variety of pups noises, from triumphant, funny and deep, to ketchup and relexed. There are even special categories like “Premium Farts” (Fart is English for fart) or “Fart Music”.

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