THAT is behind the new notebook quality seal!

Faster, nicer, smarter! In order to survive in today’s start-up world, a lot is required: to be accessible immediately after waking up, to send emails in all situations and to function at a high level for hours. No matter where! Of course, this is especially true if you are a notebook!

Anyone who has not spent the last 20 years isolated under a stone should have come across the crisp claim Intel Inside at least once. And where it says Intel , there is also quality inside! Comparable to the quality class A egg stamp, Intel has set itself the task of quality control for notebooks.

Hiking badge from the semiconductor giant

With the latest prank, the Intel Evo platform , which is the logical further development of the Project Athena presented in 2019, they want to raise the bar again.

With Evo, Intel ensures that there are even more key experience indicators and welcomes the eleventh generation of the core CPU. It’s understandable that providers like to knock on the door to have their notebooks certified, because who wouldn’t want the Deluxe hiking badge from the California semiconductor giant?

The accessory will be of particular interest to the generation of mobile go-getters: people who like to do everything at the same time, and preferably everywhere – depending on where they are. For them, Intel Evo laptops are the perfect choice: just finished the presentation on the couch, then out to the next appointment. Quickly write an e-mail on the train and briefly videocall the grandma while having a beer in the park after work.

“We respond to the needs of the target group. This includes having a notebook that is always ready. It can’t take a minute to get started with it. 

Florian Maislinger, Intel

Florian Maislinger, Evo expert from Intel , can also be reached in the mobile office to answer our questions: “During the pandemic, I commute between the Intel headquarters in Munich and my home in Salzburg, where I work as a volunteer paramedic,” explains the Austrian. “It wouldn’t work without a notebook, I work on the train, I have to be flexible. I work wherever I can. “

Bright eyes thanks to Tiger Lake

Above all, he needs a powerful device. How good that Maislinger is at the source, because everything that gets the Evo sticker brings something to the party. The star guest is the eleventh generation of microprocessors called Tiger Lake. Like all processors, this generation was named after a place in nature. The heart of the device is hidden under the code name, which is intended to put everything that has existed in the “light & mobile” league in the shade. But also some of the other new specs should ensure that the user’s eyes light up not only because of the screen in front of them:

  • Over nine hours of battery life: tested under realistic conditions of use
  • Wi-Fi 6: already equipped for the new Wi-Fi standard
  • Thunderbolt 4: charging with variable accessories and USB-C
  • GPU Iris Xe: latest Intel graphics architecture
  • Fast Charging: 30 minutes of charging time means at least four hours of battery power
  • Wake up from sleep: in less than a second

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Long way to the coveted stamp

By the way, certification is a long process: Notebook testers, i.e. hardware engineers, who meticulously test all parts of the devices before they are installed, sit in test laboratories around the world.

The end product is then put through its paces again before it gets the coveted stamp. Then nothing stands in the way of the market launch – there are already over 30 Intel Evo certified devices on the market!

Maislinger: “The customer can make comparisons in the store much more easily and rely on the quality standard.” Certainly a main criterion for the end consumer, just like the price: “Nowadays you can definitely get an Intel Evo device from 900 euros, and I know that more notebooks are planned. Intel Evo doesn’t have to be expensive. “

For the gamer heart, start-up checker or music nerd

Intel works with manufacturers such as Microsoft, Acer, ASUS, Dell, Dynabook, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Razer and Samsung. No problem to find your personal favorite here, because everything is included, from the super-light ultrabook to the powerful notebook that even makes gamers’ hearts beat faster.

A chip goes around the world

A look at history reveals that no computer – no matter what shape – would have been on our table if Messrs Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore had grown their long hair and put on rose-colored, round glasses instead of the letter of incorporation from Intel access.

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