Tested directly on Amazon – the best accessory deals for Prime Day 2020

You can never have enough accessories. Amazon is offering a wide variety of products in this area for Prime Day 2020. Whether memory cards, cables, adapters or even a keyboard – TECHNOLOGYBUTTON lists the best accessory deals and checks them for their bargain potential.

TECHNOLOGYBUTTON checks for you whether the prime deals are really bargains or whether the product may have been cheaper in the past. We filter out unsuitable offers and show you the best deals in the area of ​​accessories. We also test many offers directly – a colleague sits especially in an Amazon logistics center for this.

The current offers at a glance

With many accessory deals, you shouldn’t take too much time. Some of them are only available in limited numbers and can therefore be sold out quickly.

SanDisk 400GB microSD A2 for 73.90 euros 54.99 euros (26 percent saved)

If you need a lot of storage space, this card is the right choice. The faster version of the 400 GB microSD is perfect for video recordings, whether with an action cam or SLR. It comes with a read speed of 160 MB / s and a write speed of 90 MB / s. The card can also be used in many Android smartphones.

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard for 36.69 euros 29 euros (21 percent cheaper)

The price is a real bargain and has never been this low. The competition cannot match this offer either.

TECHNOLOGYBUTTON was already able to take a look at the wireless Bluetooth keyboard. More precisely, this text is being typed with it for test purposes. The keys are comfortably sprung and thanks to the number pad, the user doesn’t have to forego any convenience. The keyboard is also very light and therefore perfect for on the go. The connection with the laptop works in a few seconds.

We can recommend the Microsoft keyboard to almost everyone who sits at a computer or PC. But there are two restrictions. The keys are rather small – so if you have problems typing accurately, you will probably make a mistake at the beginning. We would also advise gamers not to buy it. The arrangement of the WASD buttons is unsuitable for first-person shooters because the W button is too far to the left.

The price of 29 euros not only undercuts all previous Amazon prices, but also those of the competition.

Trust Ergonomic wireless mouse for 29.99 euros 16.69 euros (44 percent saved)

We can also test the ergonomic mouse from Trust on site at Amazon. The unusual shape is intended to prevent wrist fatigue as the hand position changes. In our office, many employees only use such mice. The Trust feels great, the five buttons and the mouse wheel look very valuable. The wireless mouse connects to the laptop or computer via a USB receiver. In terms of operation and convenience, it has everything you could want from a mouse.

Here, too, there are small downsides. Personally, I am not a fan of batteries. But that’s standard in this price range. Left-handers cannot use the mouse and gamers could also have problems. The precision will certainly suffer. For the latter, we have selected special Prime Day bargains from the gaming area – including mice!

Always the right cable

The modern world of technology keeps confronting us with unexpected problems? Connect the new iPhone to the new MacBook with a cable? In many cases this is not possible because some models still do not have the right cable for the USB-C port on the MacBook. Or the charger is not powerful enough to charge the smartphone quickly. In such cases, you need accessories such as the right cable or stronger power supply units. But also to expand the limited slots of the laptop or tablet, there are practical hubs that can accommodate everything from card slots to network connections and HDMI ports. TECHNOLOGYBUTTON has put together the best accessories deals for Prime Day 2020 for you here.

Well advised with our cable guide

Not sure which cable you need for which device? In our cable guide , you can choose your exact case from many possible combinations and always find the right cable or adapter.

Note: In this article we use so-called affiliate links. That means: We get a small commission when users click on it and complete a purchase. However, this has no influence on the selection and assessment of the bargains by the editors. This also does not change the price for you as a possible customer.

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