Steve Jobs only switched off his iPhone in one situation

The founder and former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs († 56), was known for his strict work ethic and as a “workaholic”. He always carried his iPhone with him – with one exception.

Steve Jobs’ former Executive Assistant and confidante, Naz Beheshti, has published a book that gives a fascinating insight into the day-to-day work of the Apple founder. In pause. Breathe. Choose .: Become the CEO of Your Well-Being “(” Stop. Breathe. Choose .: Become the CEO of your well-being “) the author works on important lessons that she learned during her time as an assistant for jobs.

iPhone a daily companion for Steve Jobs

Beheshti writes that Jobs practically never switched off his iPhone in everyday life. This is of course not surprising. Many people leave their smartphones switched on permanently. Often it is necessary for that reason alone to be available during working hours.

We use our smartphones to keep in touch with family and friends. Control a large part of our everyday work via the networked device. And even in free moments we watch a video on the small screen or read the news. We practically never let the smartphone go out. As soon as there is a threat of a low battery level, we connect it to the electricity.

However, a smartphone that is switched on all the time can be a distraction. The temptation is great to quickly reach for the device and check whether new messages have arrived. If you want to concentrate on your work, you should put your smartphone as far away as possible .

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Jobs attached great importance to time off and wellbeing

But the smartphone doesn’t always have to be switched on. Beheshti describes how important it is to take a break from the constant attachment with a view to jobs. In an interview with CNBC, the author said, “There was a huge misconception about [Steve Jobs] that he was a workaholic and that he was difficult to work with.” . But he still attached great importance to his own well-being. That gave “him the energy and the clarity and the vision to support his success in building Apple.”

In her book, Beheshti describes the reason Jobs sometimes turned off his smartphone: playtime. “I quickly realized what playtime was like for Steve Jobs and how critical it was to his success as a great innovator,” writes the author.

Steve Jobs took time out from the iPhone to play with new ideas

“Whenever someone looked for Steve or he couldn’t be reached on his phone, there was only one place where he could be found with absolute certainty: In the office of Jony Ive, Apple’s former chief design officer.”

Beheshti describes situations in which no one knew how to get jobs. This was a problem especially when there were meetings. “At some point we had to call Jony’s office and get him to get Steve off his playing time.

In Ive’s design laboratory, the two had time to play with prototypes and design drafts. We all know how central good design is to Apple’s corporate philosophy. The fact that Jobs always turned off his iPhone when he was working on a new device with Ive shows how important it was to him to perfect the design. “His time with Jony gave him the space and opportunity to laugh, think, create and get a new feeling of freedom.”

Time-outs are important for your own well-being

This shows that creativity needs space and that even a talented designer like Steve Jobs needed this space to develop his ideas. This creates time to concentrate on the here and now. And gives space to let your own ideas run wild.

Of course, it is not always possible to switch off the smartphone during working hours. Especially now that you cannot meet in the office, it is important to be available for video calls, for example. But that does not mean that there is no opportunity to incorporate smartphone-free time into everyday life. For example, during the break from work, while dining with the family or for an hour or two after work.

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