Spotify is increasing prices in some European countries

In the future, many users will have to dig deeper into their pockets if they want to stream music via Spotify. Because the provider is increasing prices in some European countries.

There has been speculation about a price increase at Spotify since 2019. Now the time has come – at least in first countries like Great Britain and Ireland. The music streaming provider is currently informing its customers in these regions that the prices for various subscriptions will rise from April 30th. According to ” The Verge “, the USA and parts of Asia are also affected. The family subscription is therefore more expensive here.

Spotify subscriptions are one to three euros more expensive

The price increase on Spotify averages one to three pounds or US dollars. It includes the duo subscription for couples as well as the student and family subscription. How much the costs of the individual packages increase in detail depends on the respective country.

For example, the price for the duo subscription in Great Britain will increase from April 30th from £ 12.99 to £ 13.99 per month. Students then pay £ 5.99 instead of £ 4.99 a month and for families, Spotify is even £ 2 more expensive. You will then pay £ 16.99 per month. The Spotify price increase in Ireland looks similar. However, the cost of the family subscription increases here by three pounds to 17.99 pounds a month. In the USA, the family subscription is again the only package for which an increase is currently planned. Instead of 14.99 euros, customers then pay 15.99 US dollars.

Due to the price increase, Spotify customers with existing contracts have a special right of termination. For this reason, the higher monthly fee will not be charged until June.

Spotify price increase in Germany too?

It is unclear what the situation in Germany looks like. On the German Spotify website, there is so far no indication of an imminent price increase. A look at your own user account should still be worthwhile. Because, as a colleague from the portal reports, he has already discovered the price of 15.99 euros for the family plan in his Spotify account and will have to pay one euro more than usual in the future.

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Further cases in which users have been informed about a Spotify price increase in Germany are not yet known. In general, however, it seems very unlikely that Spotify will not introduce the price increase in this country as well. Perhaps this will not come to the end of April, but there will probably be a change in the coming weeks.

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