Spotify for Apple Watch – Stream music without an iPhone

Spotify users had to wait a long time. Now the iPhone can stay at home while exercising and otherwise because the Spotify app on the Apple Watch has a long overdue new function.

In many cases, the iPhone and Apple Watch form a team in order to use synergy effects. Messages from the smartphone are pushed directly to the watch, for example. This means that users do not need an additional SIM card or the more expensive Apple Watch with 4G. Most of the time, this is advantageous because users always have the iPhone with them anyway. But it was always impractical, especially when jogging.

What requirements do users have to meet

If you want to use the function, of course, you need an Apple Watch. For streaming without an iPhone on the go – for example while jogging – the pure WLAN / GPS version of the watch is not sufficient. Because the Apple Watch must have internet access for Spotify. With the WLAN / GPS variant, music streaming therefore only works in WLAN. For playback outside it has to be the cellular version, i.e. the one with LTE.

The Spotify app can be downloaded for free. Music streaming works with both the paid and the free account. The operation and the range of functions differ. These are much better in the premium version.

When can you stream music without an iPhone?

The new function is currently being delivered gradually. Many users should already have it, all others just have to be patient for a moment.

Why is the function only now available on the Apple Watch?

This question arises because the function is quite obvious. There have often been arguments between Spotify and Apple in the past. Accordingly, Apple is said to have stood up against even bringing the Spotify app to the Apple Watch. Although Spotify supposedly developed an app as early as 2015, it didn’t land on Apple’s smart watch until 2018. As I said, it is unclear whether the late introduction of the feature is related to the dispute.


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