Sony presents its own streaming service “Bravia Core”

In the run-up to CES 2021, Sony announced that it would offer its own streaming service in the near future. Studio-specific content should be available to users under the name Sony Bravia Core. They rely on a slightly different concept than the competition …

Sony Bravia has stood for the Japanese electronics company’s smart TV brand for many years. Following on from this, there should be a streaming service called Sony Bravia Core very soon. This step is not surprising. Other large studios such as Disney and Warner already have their own streaming platforms with Disney + and HBO Max. This is known so far about the concept, content and prices of Bravia Core.

Sony Bravia Core with a slightly different concept

The streaming industry is booming, especially in times of corona. Last year, the online platforms were a welcome opportunity to publish planned films despite the global pandemic . Sony had spoken out against the move for a long time, only to finally sell large cinema productions such as “Greyhound” with Tom Hanks to Apple TV +. The announced streaming service Bravia could now be an attempt not to give away its own content in the future, even in exceptional situations.

While Netflix and Disney + rely on a familiar subscription model, in which users pay a monthly fee and for all of the service’s content, Sony wants to take a different approach. In the run-up to the CES, the manufacturer’s new Smart TVs were shown. Sony Bravia Core is also adapted to these new models; the streaming service will first be integrated into the new generation of TVs. The offer would initially only be available to buyers of Sony televisions.

Planned content

The content announced so far also shows how Sony’s concept differs from that of the competition. More than 300 own contents are planned for the start. However, not all of them are really free. In fact, buying Sony products earns so-called “Bravia Core Credits”. These credits can in turn be exchanged on the platform to watch the very latest productions from Sony Pictures Entertainment. Incidentally, the credits can only be acquired by purchasing a device, not by in-app purchase.

The brand is at least involved in many well-known productions, so that Bravia Core will come up with blockbusters like “Spider-Man”, “Man in Black”, “Little Women”, “Bloodshot” or “Karate Kid” at the start. The titles at the start can be viewed until February 23, 2026. How it will go on is not yet known.

Bravia Core wants to focus on quality

In the official announcement, the data mentioned by Sony are also surprising. The transfer rate should be between 30 MB / s and 80 MB / s. The maximum mentioned would be around twice as high as that of the competition; Apple TV + led here with around 40 MB / s. Of course, a high-performance internet connection is required. In addition, all content should also be available in 4K / HDR quality. In terms of quality, of course, Sony’s device-based concept comes into play. As the streaming service only works with its own devices, the group also retains full control over the quality of the stream.

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