Sony is releasing more PlayStation games for PC

It was only last year that Sony made one of its major PlayStation titles available to PC gamers for the first time. Now there are solid indications that extensive replenishment is planned.

In 2020 the games “Horizon: Zero Dawn” and “Death Stranding”, actually exclusive PlayStation games, were released for PC. The launch of “Days Gone” has also been announced for May 18, 2021.

More PlayStation games for PC soon?

As early as August 2020, Sony announced that it might bring out more PlayStation games for computers. The press release said:

“SIE (editor’s note: Sony Interactive Entertainment) is striving for robust sales growth by accelerating the cycle established for the PlayStation platform (…). We will be looking into expanding our 1st party titles to the PC platform to encourage further growth in our profitability. “


The motive seems clear: economic growth by making exclusive PlayStation games accessible to more players via PC. The concept has worked for the titles that have already been published in this way. The PC version of the games also received very good reviews and the demand for more games to follow is growing louder. Last but not least, Sony hopes to be able to persuade PC gamers to buy a PlayStation console after giving them a little foretaste.

Notes on Steam surfaced

In addition to Sony’s own statement last year, other clues have now emerged. There is now a new page for PlayStation Studios on the Steam gaming platform . Among other things, the game “Horizon: Zero Dawn”, which has already been released for PC, is listed there. Interestingly, the site also lists 41 other games that should be available on Steam – but so far that’s actually only 24. 17 other PlayStation games, including “Days Gone”, seem to be waiting for PC gamers.

Gamers especially hope for big titles like “God of War” or the gaming highlight “The Last of Us” (parts 1 and 2). Either way, it would be a big step for Sony, but it could be worth it. Competitor Microsoft with the Xbox has already opened up to PC gamers on a large scale and big titles like “Sea of ​​Thieves” were a great success on Steam.

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