Sony films will probably be the first to land on Netflix in the future

Streaming giant Netflix has an exclusive contract with Sony from 2022. What does this mean for subscribers?

Sony Pictures is one of the largest film studios in the United States. Now streaming provider Netflix has signed an exclusive contract with Sony. This initially relates to the USA.

Netflix and Sony are working together

The exclusive contract means that from 2022 films from Sony Pictures will be the first to land on Netflix. This means that they will only be seen on the streaming portal for at least a certain time after their theatrical release and the appearance on Blu-ray and Co. Sony had previously had a similar deal with Lions Gate’s pay-TV service Starz. Netflix is ​​now taking over the contract that the studio has had with Starz since 2005.

Starting in 2022, Netflix will be the first US streaming home for Sony Pictures films following their theatrical releases. Get ready for UNCHARTED, MORBIUS, BULLET TRAIN & WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING, plus future sequels to VENOM, JUMANJI, BAD BOYS & SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE

— NetflixFilm (@NetflixFilm) April 8, 2021 “>

The contract relates to all films that Sony would like to offer in the stream. Affected are franchises such as “Jumanji” or “Bad Boys”. Netflix subscribers can also look forward to previously announced blockbusters such as “Morbius” or “Uncharted” with Marvel star Tom Holland on Netflix. According to the industry insiders of Deadline, the exclusive time window is 18 months.

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Could be groundbreaking for the competition

The cooperation between Sony and Netflix may seem surprising at first, as Sony has only just suggested ambitions for its own streaming service with Bravia Core . However, the offer has so far been very clearly bound by the hardware and the contract with Netflix probably means that Sony has no further plans of its own in the near future.

For Netflix, however, the exclusive deal with Sony is an even more important step. Competitors such as Disney + or Prime Video are increasingly bothering the market leader. Compared to Disney + in particular , the service does not have its own large blockbuster studio behind it. Recently, there was criticism for the price increase on Netflix, while rumors are emerging that some great Netflix originals such as “Bird Box” could soon be seen on television. Now that the Disney films have largely disappeared from Netflix’s offerings, it is now an important step that with Sony a large studio is on board again.

Does the Netflix-Sony deal also apply?

So far, the exclusive contract has only been confirmed for the USA. However, the distribution of rights can differ from region to region. It is therefore currently unclear to what extent the mega-deal between Netflix and Sony. However, it seems very likely that the offer will be expanded beyond the USA. Both Netflix and Sony would benefit from this, as the studio does not yet have its own streaming publishing options.

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