Sony could change the “design” of the PS5 to avoid delivery problems

The PS5 is almost never available online. The console is only offered on platforms such as Ebay – but at horrendous prices. But Sony is working on a solution to the problem.

As expected, the PlayStation 5 is selling well. However, Sony is having problems meeting the high demand, which leads to a lot of frustration among those interested in buying. Due to the current shortage of chips, the console is often not available. That’s why the PS5 is rarely available at retail prices. It is hardly possible to anticipate the so-called “scalpers” when the console is back in stock for a short time. Scalpers use bots that search online shops for availability and complete the purchase in seconds. They then sell the device at exorbitant prices on portals such as Ebay.

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Without a change, Sony cannot achieve its sales target

Sony is aware of the problem and appears to be looking for a solution. This emerges from an annual report by the company, as reported by the gaming-focused site ” Videogameschronicle “. Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s CFO (chief financial officer), said in the report that the company plans to sell more than 14.8 million units of its new console. That’s the amount Sony was able to sell in the second year of the PS4.

But how exactly can the company top PS4 sales amid a global chip shortage? According to Totoki, Sony is currently exploring several ways to circumvent this problem: “For example, we could have a second [supplier] source. d. Red.] Or change the design ”. If Totoki has its way, that would be enough to meet the sales target.

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What could a new PS5 design look like?

Although this is clearly a design change for the PS5, we have no information on what it might look like. It is very likely that Sony could try to optimize the inner workings of the PS5 in order to use fewer silicon semiconductors. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to customize their consoles afterwards. The Nintendo Switch, for example, got a more energy-efficient chip in 2019. The PS4 has also received a small update with better connectivity with the PS4 Slim 2016. Usually these upgrades take several years to come. A PS5 with a new design so soon after the console was launched would be quite unusual.

That the company could work on such a solution is good news. However, it is unlikely that anyone interested in buying will have access to the console in the near future. Such changes in the console’s board design must first be developed and tested. Only then can the production of units with a modified design start. It will take several months for a PS5 with a new board design to even make it onto the market.

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