Some Apple TV models lose access to the YouTube app

The YouTube app is disappearing from older Apple TV streaming boxes that are still in use by some users. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON explains what those affected can do now.

Specifically, it is the third generation Apple TV, which was launched in 2012. Users * report on social media that a message now appears when playing YouTube videos. It says that the YouTube app will no longer work on the third generation Apple TV at the beginning of March.

The change is a consequence of the older “Apple TV software”, which still runs on the third generation. The software is based on iOS, but does not have its own app store. Apple was therefore dependent on cooperation with streaming providers in order to be able to deliver a corresponding range of apps on the Apple TV. After all, the third generation lasted for a long time, and YouTube switched off the app for the second generation Apple TV back in 2015. From the fourth generation, the Apple streaming boxes have their own operating system called “tvOS” with a separate app store.

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Update your Apple TV. Make sure that your Apple TV is running the latest firmware.

What can those affected do now?

As an alternative solution for YouTube, owners of the older Apple TV now only have the AirPlay function available. However, this also requires an AirPlay-enabled device such as an iPhone, iPad or Mac that can play YouTube videos.

The currently available Apple TV HD (fourth generation) and Apple TV 4K (fifth generation) models are not affected by the YouTube change. Both models run with the latest version of tvOS and still have access to their own app store and thus the YouTube app.

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