Soleman – This Smart Backpack is Powered by Solar Energy

The smart backpack from Soleman Tech is currently very popular on Indiegogo. This hi-tech backpack is equipped with solar panels that supply a 17,000 mAh power bank. The waterproof and elegant backpack can charge several devices at the same time via Quick Charge and is secured with RFID technology.

Charge several devices at the same time thanks to the 17,000 mAh power bank and solar panels

The Soleman backpack is ideal for people who are on a business trip, students or backpackers who work, study or want to get information outdoors. The big advantage of the backpack is an integrated 17,000 mAh power bank which ensures that several devices such as a laptop or smartphone can be charged at the same time. The devices can be connected to the backpack using a USB cable. Basically, the backpack should always be able to supply energy, as it is equipped with solar panels. These solar panels are located on the back of the backpack and use the sun’s energy to continuously collect energy. You don’t have to worry about safety, the PCB solar panels prevent possible short circuits or other inconsistencies. To boost solar energy, the Soleman uses Quick Charge technology to enable even faster charging of the devices.

Ergonomic backpack with a simple design

If you imagine a backpack that runs on solar energy, you probably don’t expect much from the design. Soleman has managed to find the right mix of practicality and design. The gray and black look is timeless and suitable for both private and professional use. The backpack was neatly processed and impresses with its smooth design. The ergonomics of a backpack are even more important than the design. To avoid back problems, Soleman relies on an ergonomic design and clever weight distribution. While the full weight of many backpacks pushes down, the Soleman looks different thanks to its square shape. The Soleman solar backpack weighs just under 1.2 kilograms when fully packed.

Protection from rain and thieves

The main task of a backpack is not only to transport it but also to protect its contents. The solar backpack is covered with a nylon layer to protect the objects from the weather and, above all, moisture. This layer not only protects against water, but also against stains in general, as everything rolls off the nylon. This feature saves the owner the hassle of cleaning the surface of the backpack. The objects of the Soleman are not only protected from moisture, but also from thieves. The zippers are YKK certified and cannot be opened from the back. As long as the backpack is not stolen or lost, nothing can happen to the valuables. An integrated RFID card cover provides additional security. Hardly any other backpack in this price range has more security systems. With the Early Bird Package, you can get the Soleman Solar Backpack for 93 euros and receive it in December 2020.

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The smart solar backpack Soleman in the video:

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