Simply use your smartphone as a remote control for the TV

Lost the remote control again or just not at hand? TECHNOLOGY BUTTON explains how you can easily control your TV with your smartphone!

Smartphones are now all-rounders and are taking on more and more tasks – even controlling the television if desired. This works with almost all TV and smartphone devices from the past few years. This means that misplaced remote controls or dead batteries are a thing of the past. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON introduces you to the two most popular methods for more comfort at home.

Smartphone as a remote control for various devices

The possibilities of a smartphone remote control are not limited to the television. Manufacturers of peripheral devices such as receivers or streaming devices are now also offering suitable apps for smartphone control. In addition to the TV, you can also operate your Entertain Receiver, your game console or your Amazon Fire TV Stick. But a large number of other devices now also offer this option. Simply google for a suitable smartphone app that works with your device or search for it directly in the app stores.

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The best way to control it is via WiFi

The most common way to control the television with a smartphone is via a WiFi connection. To do this, you need a WiFi-enabled television, such as a smart TV. Then install the appropriate app for operation. You can choose between apps that have been specially adapted to your TV or apps that can control multiple devices in a multifunctional manner.

For TVs from Samsung and LG, for example, there is the Samsung TV Touch Remote or the LG Smart TV Remote. Both remote control apps come directly from the manufacturers and work flawlessly.

In contrast, universal apps such as Sure have a constantly updated device list. The advantage is obvious: ideally, you can control several devices in the living room with just one app. In return, you have to make compromises when it comes to operation, as the software has not been optimized for the respective television set.

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Infrared control as an alternative

As with the classic remote control, you can also control the television from your smartphone via infrared. This also works in combination with a smartphone app. Older TVs that are not WiFi-enabled can also be operated in this way. For this variant, however, you need a smartphone with a built-in infrared transmitter. Since these are less and less installed in current smartphones, there are now suitable gadgets from third-party manufacturers. For example, you can find infrared adapters for smartphones on the Internet for as little as 10 euros. These usually dock on the charging socket of your phone, and a suitable app is usually recommended to you when you buy them.

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