Series and movies disappearing from Netflix in June

There are many reasons why Netflix is ​​withdrawing series and films. Often license agreements expire, and sometimes customers show too little interest in certain content. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON reveals which series and films are about to disappear from Netflix.

If Netflix cuts its program, it is not only for reasons of space or popularity. The licenses for a title also play a large and usually much more important role. The streaming provider is obliged to remove content from its offer after the purchased license has expired. The process of new releases and discontinued titles ensures that there is always something new to discover at Netflix. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON lists the titles that are only available for a short time on Netflix. So if you are interested, you should be quick and take your last chance to see them before they are gone.

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Series and movies that Netflix is ​​about to cancel

In June, numerous films will disappear from the Netflix program again. Series are significantly less among them. At the end of the month in particular, however, the streaming service removes a large number of titles from its program – including well-known series such as “Weissensee” and “Broadchurch” as well as the films in the “Bourne” series and the cult Christmas film “Love Needs No One Vacation”. Before they go away, you’ll have at least some time to look at them again.

Tip: If you would like to know whether Netflix will soon be removing a certain title from its program, use the table’s search function.

title, Art, Genre + year, occupation, IMDb, available until

  • White Boy Rick Movie Crime, Drama (2018) Matthew McConaughey, Richie Merritt, Bel Powley 6.5 3rd of June
  • Eighth grade Movie Comedy, Drama (2018) Elsie Fisher, Josh Hamilton, Emily Robinson 7.4 June 4th
    The Mule Movie Crime, Drama, Thriller (2018) Clint Eastwood, Patrick L. Reyes, Cesar De León 7.0 June 5th
  • Hollywood Dirt Movie Romance (2017) Emma Rigby, Johann Urb, Marco Dapper 6.2 6th of June
  • Black snow Movie Crime, Drama, Mystery (2017) Leonardo Sbaraglia, Laia Costa, Ricardo Darín 6.2 June 9
  • LEGO Friends: Friends can do anything Movie animation – – June 9
  • LEGO Ninjago: Happy Birthday Movie animation – – June 9
  • LEGO Friends: Happy Birthday Movie animation – – June 9
  • Q ball Movie Documentation, Sport (2019) Obada Adnan, Anthony Ammons 6.8 the 10th of June
  • Don’t crack under pressure Movie Documentation (2015) Matt Annetts, Will Lindberg, Jesse Richman 6.5 June 11th
  • Don’t Crack Under Pressure – Season 2 Movie Documentation (2016) Loic Collomb-Patton, Van Monk, Mathias Wyss 6.8 June 11th
  • Don’t Crack Under Pressure – Season 3 Movie Documentation (2017) Matt Annetts, Will Lindberg 6.8 June 11th
  • Cut off Movie Action, Crime, Horror (2018) Moritz Bleibtreu, Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Lars Eidinger 6.5 June 11th
  • Magnetic Movie Documentation, Sport (2018) Will Lindberg 6.5 June 11th
  • Addicted to Life Movie Documentation (2014) Matt Annetts, Will Lindberg, Jesse Richman 6.3 June 11th
  • The Right One Movie Drama, Romance (2011) Hani Salama, Basma, Rania Youssef 6.2 June 12
  • Convict Movie Action, Crime, Drama (2014) George Basha, Richard Green, Brian Ellison 5.4 June 12
  • The LEGO Movie 2. The Second Part Movie Animation (2019) – 6.6 June 12
  • My girl – my first love Movie Comedy, Drama, Family (1991) Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Macaulay Culkin, Anna Chlumsky 6.9 June 13th
  • The Truman Show Movie Comedy, Drama (1998) Jim Carrey, Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich 8.1 14th June
  • LEGO House – Home of the Brick Movie Documentation (2018) Bjarke Ingels 6.5 14th June
  • Thirteen Movie Drama (2003) Nikki Reed, Evan Rachel Wood, Vanessa Hudgens 6.8 15th June
  • A rising tide Movie Drama, Romance (2015) Hunter Parrish, Ashley Hinshaw, Tim Daly 5.7 15th June
  • Girls night Movie Comedy (2014) Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden, Gillian Jacobs 6.0 15th June
  • Serialized Movie Drama, Mystery, Thriller (2016) Vanessa Ray, Adam Korson, Tara Spencer-Nairn 5.2 15th June
  • Early release Movie Drama, Thriller (2017) Kelli Williams, Conrad Coates, Niamh Wilson 4.9 15th June
  • Terror Night – A murderous game Movie Thriller (2017) Mackenzie Mauzy, Jacob Blair, Hannah Emily Anderson 4.5 15th June
  • Our mothers, our fathers series Action, Drama, History (2013) Volker Bruch; Tom Schilling, Katharina Schüttler 8.5 June 16
  • The chosen ones Movie Drama (2015) Nancy Talamantes, Óscar Torres, Leidi Gutiérrez 6.7 June 16
  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Movie Action, Drama, Thriller (2014) Chris Pine, Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner 6.2 June 16
  • Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers Movie Documentation (2018) Bob Lazar, George Knapp, Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell 5.6 17th of June
  • Red Heat Movie Action, Comedy, Crime (1988) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Belushi, Peter Boyle 6.1 June 19
  • The lucky charm Movie Comedy, Romance (2007) Connor Price, Troy Gentile, Mackenzie Mowat 5.6 June 19
  • The Player Movie Comedy, Crime, Drama (1992) Tim Robbins, Greta Scacchi, Fred Ward 7.5 June 19
  • The woman in black 2 – angel of death Movie Horror, Drama, Thriller (2014) Phoebe Fox, Merryn Pearse, Mary Roscoe 4.8 June 19
  • Three-Quarters Decent Movie Comedy (2012) Lamitta Frangieh, Mimi Gamal, Rania Mallah 3.0 June 19
  • Stay Alive Movie Fantasy, Horror, Mystery (2006) Jon Foster, Samaire Armstrong, Frankie Muniz 5.1 June 21st
  • The king’s game Movie Biography, drama, sports Max Pomeranc, Joe Mantegna, Joan Allen, Ben Kingsley 7.4 June 22
  • Hunter killer Movie Action, Thriller (2018) Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, Colin Stinton 6.6 June 24th
  • Birthmarked Movie Comedy (2018) Matthew Goode, Toni Collette, Andreas Apergis 5.7 June 27th
  • Naruto series Anime (2002-2007) – 8.3 June 28th
  • She-Wolves: England’s Early Queens series Documentation, History (2012) Helen Castor 8.0 June 28th
  • Descendants of the Sun series Action, Comedy, Drama (2016) Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-Kyo, Jin Goo 8.3 June 30th
  • Weissensee series Drama, History (2010-2018) Florian Lukas, Jörg Hartmann, Uwe Kockisch 8.2 June 30th
  • Rage of Bahamut: Genesis series Anime (2014) – 7.4 June 30th
  • Fight for my way series Comedy, Romance (2017) Seo-joon Park, Kim Ji-Won, Jae-hong Ahn 8.1 June 30th
  • Megalo box series Anime (2018-) – 7.8 June 30th
  • Broadchurch series Crime, Drama, Mystery (2013-2017) David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Jodie Whittaker 8.4 June 30th
  • Nightcrawler – Every night has its price Movie Crime, Drama, Thriller (2014) Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Papajohn, Bill Paxton 7.8 June 30th
  • The Bourne Identity Movie Action, Mystery, Thriller (2002) Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Chris Cooper 7.9 June 30th
  • The Bourne Conspiracy Movie Action, Mystery, Thriller (2004) Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Brian Cox 7.7 June 30th
  • The Bourne ultimatum Movie Action, Mystery, Thriller (2007) Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, David Strathairn 8.0 June 30th
  • The Bourne Legacy Movie Action, Mystery, Thriller (2012) Jeremy Renner, Scott Glenn, Stacy Keach 6.6 June 30th
  • The beekeeper Movie Drama (2008) Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson 7.2 June 30th
  • Inside Man Movie Crime, Drama, Mystery (2006) Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Jodie Foster 7.6 June 30th
  • The Code series Drama, Thriller (2014-2016) Dan Spielman, Ashley Zukerman, Adele Perovic 7.4 June 30th
  • Ruby red Movie Adventure, Drama, Family (2013) Josefine Preuss, Florian Bartholomäi, Karl Walter Sprungala 6.2 June 30th
  • Sapphire blue Movie Adventure, Drama, Family (2014) Josefine Preuss, Florian Bartholomäi, Karl Walter Sprungala 6.3 June 30th
  • Emerald green Movie Adventure, Drama, Family (2016) Josefine Preuss, Florian Bartholomäi, Karl Walter Sprungala 6.0 June 30th
  • Submerged series Action, Crime (2015-) Patrick Ridremont, Olivier Chantreau, Emmanuelle Meyssignac 6.9 June 30th
  • Mr. Brooks – The killer in you Movie Crime, Drama, Thriller (2007) Kevin Costner, Demi Moore, Dane Cook 7.3 June 30th
  • Love doesn’t need a vacation Movie Comedy, Romance (2006) Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black 6.9 June 30th
  • It’s kind of a funny story Movie Comedy, Drama, Romance (2010) Keir Gilchrist, Dana DeVestern, Lauren Graham 7.1 June 30th
  • Hellboy II – The Golden Army Movie Action, Adventure, Fantasy (2008) Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones 7.0 June 30th
  • Hannibal Movie Crime, Drama, Thriller (2001) Anthony Hopkins, Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman 6.8 June 30th
  • Draft Day – day of the decision Movie Drama, Sports (2014) Kevin Costner, Deion Sanders, Jennifer Garner 6.8 June 30th
  • Bridget Jones – Chocolate for Breakfast Movie Comedy, Drama, Romance (2001) Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant 6.7 June 30th
  • Jack Reacher Movie Action, Thriller (2012) Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins 7.9 June 30th
  • Dracula Untold Movie Action, Drama, Fantasy (2014) Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper 6.3 June 30th

Here’s how to find titles that are about to disappear on Netflix

If you want to see for yourself which series and films Netflix is ​​about to cancel, you have two options. The first port of call is the streaming provider itself. If you have a particular film or series in mind that you would like to watch, you will find a note in the detailed descriptions if this title disappears from Netflix soon.

To do this, go to the Netflix desktop application and log in to the streaming provider with your access data. Now look for the corresponding title and go to “Details”. If the title is canceled within the next 30 days, you will now find the item “Availability until”.

Another option is the app called “WhatsOnFlix”, which is available free of charge for Android and iOS. It not only shows you which new titles are about to start, it also reveals which titles Netflix is ​​canceling. Additional functions can be activated with paid premium access.

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