Secret innovations found on Google Maps

In many cases, Google Maps has replaced the classic navigation system. If Google has its way, the map material should be integrated even further into everyday life. New functions in the beta version can help with this.

Google often announces major innovations in its apps on its own blog. The company recently introduced the new “Go” tab in Maps. This allows users to save routes they have traveled a lot. But Google doesn’t always disclose everything. Because now the technology portal “ Android Police ” , which specializes in Android smartphones, has discovered new functions in the Google Maps beta that the company has so far kept from us.

On the one hand, this includes a more accurate estimate of the cost of driving services like Uber. Maps also shows markings for zebra crossings in some cities. The functions are currently only available in the beta version (10.56.0) of Google Maps.

New features in driving services and routes for pedestrians

Google Maps is already calculating the approximate price if the router is planned with a transport service like Uber. The calculation is apparently too imprecise, which is why Google is working on an improvement.

In the Google Maps beta there is a new entry “Ride services” in the menu. However, the option seems to be limited to the US as we couldn’t find it on our Android smartphone with Google Maps beta. According to Android Police, only the Uber service is available there. If the function is activated, Maps sends the planned route to the company in order to calculate the costs more precisely.

So far, the function does not seem to be active, because a difference between the normal cost estimate and the more accurate estimate cannot be identified. As before, Google Maps only gives the costs as a price range.

Maps has been showing traffic light crossings with a traffic light symbol since the end of August. Now zebra crossings are also marked in the beta. Far from being comprehensive, but still practical for planning a walk.

Test the Google Maps beta with new functions

To test new Google Maps functions in advance, you can participate in beta updates. All you need to do is click on “What’s new” on the Google Maps overview page in the Play Store and follow the link that can be found under “Become a beta tester”. However, participating in the beta does not guarantee that you will always receive all new features immediately. As is now the case with the zebra crossing, it is possible that only some of the maps servers have received a new update. Thus, the new markings appear for some, but not for others.

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