Save heating costs with smart, smart thermostats

The heating can now be controlled while on the move. This is made possible by smart thermostats that can be operated via an app with a mobile phone. This means that users are much more flexible and can also save a lot of money.

A look at the annual accounts of a household clearly shows: The heating costs, although they have fallen lately, are the largest item! Consumers are therefore always looking for a way to reduce the cost of oil or gas. By using intelligent thermostats, which are conveniently controlled by mobile phone, consumption can be permanently reduced and thus money can be saved. TECHNOLOGYBUTTON explains everything you need to know about smart heating controllers.

What can smart thermostats do?

In addition to setting the temperature, thermostats have numerous other functions: In contrast to the standardized rotary controls, the most important information can be found on a digital display. Some models can be networked with other products in the smart household, some also support voice control with Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa . A “self-learning function” is also often on board, through which the thermostat automatically detects the user’s heating habits and adjusts the room temperature.

With geofencing – more likely with higher-priced versions – an area is delimited in which the temperature is to be regulated automatically. The smart heating system automatically detects whether someone is in the house and when it needs to be heated again. Users then no longer have to regulate the heating.

What are the advantages of smart thermostats?

Smart thermostats integrated into the home network can help save heating costs. Especially with irregular daily routines, they are better than classic programmable thermostats. Instead of fixed heating cycles, the heating can be switched on or off flexibly via app from the office or on the way home. Particularly intelligent systems also learn from their users’ behavioral patterns and automatically adjust the thermostat settings. Or they react depending on where they are, for example when someone is on their way home.

How much money can i save?

Stiftung Warentest assumes 10 percent for simpler programmable thermostats. Some providers of smart thermostats that can be controlled via app even speak of cost savings of up to 30 percent per year. How high the individual savings are, however, often depends on how much users have already done to ensure efficient heating. Those who have already adhered to the important rules beforehand – for example, turn down the heating when leaving the apartment, do not overheat rooms – will probably not reach the 30 percent. But he is more comfortable because the thermostats now relieve him of many steps.

Example calculation:  An average gas-heated single-family house with a size of approx. 150 square meters can count on an estimated saving of around 120 to 180 euros in heating costs annually by replacing all thermostats.

How high are the acquisition costs?

Smart thermostats are now available in all price segments. There are now many complete sets for heating control and expanding the smart home. Make sure that the thermostat fits well into the home network. It should therefore support the smart home standard used, such as DECT or Zigbee. Manufacturers of such devices include AVM, Bosch, Telekom, Tado and Eve. The thermostats can be easily installed on most current heating systems – suitable adapters are included as standard in the scope of delivery. When buying a thermostat, users can look out for additional functions such as frost protection or child safety.

How do I add a smart thermostat to my heating system?

Anyone who has opted for an intelligent thermostat does not necessarily need a heating engineer to install it on the radiators. Rather, commissioning takes just a few simple steps. First, the old thermostat is removed from the valve and the new model to be installed is screwed on. This article shows exactly how this works:

The programming to regulate the temperature can either be done directly on the thermostat or via an app, which often several users can log into.

Are there other ways to reduce heating costs?

Correct ventilation is not only crucial for the exchange of air, but also for the temperature in the room. The window should be fully opened so that the worn air can escape. It is best to create a draft three times a day for at least five minutes, for example also to open the window in the room opposite. Instead, if they are permanently on top of it, only the walls cool down. After ventilation, more heating is required.

There are more tips at co2online: .

In a single-family house with three people, heating costs of up to 170 euros per year can be avoided. Another worthwhile investment is a savings shower head for around 20 euros that halves the flow of water in the shower. Since the heating system is responsible for hot water preparation in many houses, a three-person household can save up to 190 euros in heating costs per year.



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