Samsung is stamping in the Galaxy Note series – what’s next?

With the Galaxy Note, Samsung could bury one of its most prominent smartphone series this year. A report from South Korea, the home of the manufacturer, suggests that.

According to the article by ““, an unnamed source from Samsung has not only confirmed the end of the Note series, but also talked about what users can expect instead. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON had the South Korean report translated.

Samsung relies on new technology

So far, Samsung has offered the successful Galaxy S series in the premium smartphone segment. There is an update every year. In addition, there is the even more expensive Note series, which essentially differ in two features: an even larger display and operation via a pen, the S-Pen. To be honest, especially in western regions, the pen operation has never really been able to compete with the conventional handling with the fingers. Large displays have become increasingly popular, but somehow the Note now lacks a real unique selling point.

It feels like it needs a new second premium pillar alongside the Galaxy S range. Samsung already has this on the market. Smartphones with folding displays are being promoted significantly by the South Koreans. According to the report from, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will replace a Galaxy Note successor in June 2021.

Incidentally, fans of pen operation will not look into the tube in the coming year. The S-Pen is supposed to move as an optional accessory to the Galaxy S21 and even be attached to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 via a slot.

Will the Galaxy Z Fold 3 be the new test balloon for Samsung?

Despite its young age, the Fold series stands for innovation. As the first generation of the folding displays showed, they are not always fully developed, despite the high price. Nonetheless, it is a stress test for new technologies that can eventually be used in the important Galaxy S models. The article shows that Samsung will use and test an under-screen camera (USC) in the upcoming Z Fold 3, i.e. a camera under the display. This is currently only known from the ZTE AXON 20 5G. The technology works without recesses or a notch.

How likely are the details in the report?

There is no official confirmation from Samsung. Therefore, one can only speculate how likely the information is. In our opinion, the strategy described is absolutely sensible and conclusive. The fact that there have been no announcements of a new Galaxy Note so far also speaks for the thesis.

The concept of installing and testing the latest technology in the Fold series also seems well thought out. Lower numbers are a very good test environment for Galaxy S models, in which Samsung cannot afford to make any mistakes.

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