Samsung is now turning your iPhone into a Galaxy smartphone

There are many people with an iPhone who have never had a Samsung Galaxy in their hand. Samsung’s iTest web app is set to change that. The little program transforms the iPhone into a Galaxy smartphone at the push of a button.

Samsung has set up a website that allows you to try out how a Galaxy smartphone works on your iPhone. No app is required for this. Instead, interested parties only have to store the page on the iPhone’s home screen. You can then open the interface and use the iPhone like a Samsung Galaxy.

What can Samsung’s iTest do for the iPhone?

If you open iTest, you first get to the homescreen, which looks like on a Galaxy smartphone. Various apps such as phone, SMS, camera and settings can be found there. A weather widget and access to the Galaxy Store, themes and more are also available.

Even the camera app in the Galaxy interface works. However, before using it, you have to endure a video from the New Zealand travel photographer Logan Dodds, who explains the camera functions. After that, however, you can take photos and videos, but they are not saved on the iPhone.

Even themes from the Galaxy Themes app can be activated. This is of course a small affront to Apple, which apart from light and dark does not allow any personalization of the iOS interface. A fully functional internet browser can also be reached via the Google search field on the home screen. You can see what Samsung’s iTest looks like on the iPhone in our video:

Lots of funny details

Of course, not all functions are fully developed. Many areas such as settings, app folders and the Galaxy Store are just a facade. If you click on it, small pop-ups appear explaining what is hidden behind the functions.

After all, Samsung has put a lot of effort into the details. For example, if you open the gallery and try to delete a picture, the only message that appears is “So you don’t like the picture? Is noted “.

Some functions lead nowhere , often with a playful slogan

Samsung is also targeting itself in the settings. If you click on a menu item such as “Connections”, a pop-up appears with the information that the interface has been simplified “so that the developer could take a lunch break”. Samsung also had a lot of fun with the news page, which can be reached with a swipe to the right on the home screen. The page is modeled after Google Discover and hides news articles like “Woman discovers Samsung themes and changes everything.”

Samsung obviously had fun programming iTest

When using iTest, short SMS notifications and an occasional call appear repeatedly. It informs about the functions of Galaxy smartphones, after all, it is a PR campaign.

Also interesting: There is a hidden Apple app on the iPhone

No installation required

ITest is a so-called “Progressive Web App”, or PWA for short, which does not require installation, but runs exclusively in a browser window. You can find the app at . Simply scan the barcode shown there with your iPhone and store the page on the home screen, and the app will appear.

iTest is part of a PR campaign that is actually intended for New Zealand. This is why the app is only available in English, but apart from that it also works in other countries.

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