PS4 Update Crashes Consoles

Sony has been playing an unexpected PlayStation 4 update since Wednesday. The changes are not well received by many users and even cause massive problems for some.

Just a few weeks before the PlayStation 5 launches, there is a system update for the PS4 that Sony announced on the PlayStation blog. The update is mandatory in order to use online multiplayer on the PS4.

Changes that come with the update

Player groups and message groups are merged

Previously, groups with voice chats and groups with message chats were independent of each other on the PlayStation. This separation no longer applies in version 8.00. Both applications will be merged so that there is only one group in which players can chat by voice as well as by message. This means that players must be invited to a message chat in order to start a player group for multiplayer. The new group chats are cross-platform for the PlayStation 5 when it comes on the market.

New avatars

The update brings new avatars to the PlayStation 4 that can be used as profile pictures. These include icons from the games Bloodborne, Journey, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, The Last of Us Part II and The Last of Us Remastered, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and more.

Setting events and private communities

As of version 8.00, it is no longer possible for players to create new events or join events from other players. Sony is also removing the ability to create private communities in the community app on the PS4. Only communities that already exist will continue to exist

Further changes

  • Simplified parental controls
  • Improved two-factor authentication
  • PS4 Remote Play is now called PS Remote Play and also includes the PlayStation 5
  • Mute microphones via quick access

Gamer community complains about the PlayStation 4 update

On the PlayStation blog and Reddit there are increasing comments that the update causes errors and that known functions are simply deleted.

Privacy concerns about the PlayStation 4 update

The merging of player groups and message chats has far-reaching consequences for multiplayer players. For example, if there is a group of close friends who want to invite another player, you must now add them to your message chat. This means that players you may have just met suddenly have access to the entire group chat. It also inflates message groups – not to mention countless notifications for each multiplayer group.

Some players also report on Twitter that a notification appears after the update that Sony can now simply listen to voice chats.

Speaking of listening in: if you mute a teammate / opponent, they can still hear you. Muting only works in one direction!

Problems with multiplayer groups

Due to the changes caused by mergers and deletions in version 8.00, it is no longer possible to search communities in order to quickly join a multiplayer group. Also, players can no longer simply join a multiplayer group via voice chat. You must first be invited to the message chat.

Crashes, instability, and connection issues

Frustrated gamers occasionally report connection problems with the DualShock controller and slower internet access.

In some cases, games often crash or do not load at all. Even the PlayStation 4 should simply crash with a few users and if it works, the surface runs slowly.

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